Rahul Gandhi again insulted Indians in front of this billionaire!!! Indians did a big mistake by not voting for Congress in 2014

So we have a ‘leader’ who is the face of the oldest political party of India and hopes to be the Prime Minister. The man roams around the globe taking with him his vagabond and disparaging words about India, demeaning India on international platforms. And more unfortunately so, we have a group of supporters backing up this man, who spring to action to justify and defend him each time he makes a callow statement about India or Indians.

A recent interview of Rahul Gandhi with Nicholas Berggreun was not only a shameless display of his own disconnects from the people of India, but also his intentional efforts in making India look bad on an international sphere. Nicholas Berggreun is himself a controversial figure in an international context, and our desperate Congress President made a glorious show of his immaturity of thoughts and actions through an interview with that man. Rahul Gandhi found this platform hosted by Nicholas Berggreun to be the right place to demean the Indian parliamentary functions of India. He called the current parliament ‘a debating society without any power’ in the interview, openly insulting the governing body as well as governing system of India with a single disregardful stroke.

Clearly, Rahul Gandhi isn’t in a mood to promote the Indian interests or progress. He is in fact, visibly still disappointed from the defeat his party faced in 2014, and his carrying around the vengeance filled attitude everywhere he goes to demean the country, along with himself. All that Rahul has to say is how Indians were wrong in not electing Congress to govern them in 2014, how they are ‘suffering’ for it, and how they shall pay for the same in the future. From all his speeches and statements, all that we can infer is that his political ideology is nothing but destructive, and now he has taken the ambition of offending the Modi government to foreign soil as well.

It makes us wonder if a virtue named ‘ethical right’ is even slightly alive today, considering the outright antonymous actions of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. While the former bows down before even entering the parliament, the latter insults it as a ‘body of people talking to each other’ on foreign soil. While Narendra Modi makes sure that every leader in his cabinet remains answerable to the voters who brought them there, Rahul Gandhi calls the voters fools and prophesises more misery for them. While the Prime Minister endorses his visions for India, the heir of the Gandhi dynasty endlessly frets over the losses his family has gone through and recollects the scams where BJP names were looped in.

Almost every leader working with Rahul Gandhi seems to have been affected by the same flu. We cannot forget the contribution of Mani Shankar Aiyer, who called Narendra Modi a ‘Chaiwala’ and triggered one of the biggest campaigns hosted by the BJP. He continues to demean the government and the Prime Minister from foreign soil just as well as Rahul Gandhi, and a set of spokespersons continue to justify their words and actions every time. It is only a matter of time before they all grow tired of the same.

Meetings with the Chinese Embassy, vagabonding through the United States, unverified accusations against the ruling government, constant display of deconstructive ideas and interviews with internationally controversial figures – Rahul Gandhi couldn’t possibly get any more desperate. His words and actions clearly depict his shallow personality and immaturity of thought. Combined with complete disregard for the people he aims to govern someday (possibly never), Rahul Gandhi has successfully become a great content for troll masters in India for sure!

Source: http://www.dailypioneer.com/columnists/edit/rahuls-prattle-displays-his-political-illiteracy.html

Ashwini Jain