Is Rahul Gandhi a liability to the Congress party? Will he destroy his own party?

Pappuji’s contribution to Congress party is inevitable!!

It’s not hidden from the eyes of the Indian citizens that Congress is encouraging such a dashing energetic “youth icon”, who I guess is too old to be called as youth now!!Obvious you people might have guessed his name by now. He’s none other than Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi!!

Rahul has taken Congress party to such heights of success, which the Congress leaders are not able to swallow down their throats. They are facing that situation of not being able to neither spite him out nor swallow him in, what a pathetic condition?
The pits dug by “Pappuji” are so deep that the Congress legends can never think of getting their party out of it, at least until the next few decades for sure. The scams, the speech blunders, idiotic promises and what not!! Rahul has an endless number of credits of ruining congress reputation on his part. “Of course the seed for this was sowed by his ancestral blood”.

The moment when everything could have changed for Rahul was when Congress came back to power in 2009 and Manmohan asked him to join the Cabinet. Rahul could have stepped forward and gained administrative experience but he was interested only in power without responsibility. He excused himself to work for the party. Of course the “mamma’s boy” might have had too many other responsibilities other than his party. Because of which he slipped off from his work.

What further complicated matters was Rahul’s blurred vision for new India. Read to know some of the idiotic talks by the “youth-icon” of Congress:

Was India a beehive or an elephant, as he said in his CII speech in April 2013?
Was it necessary to understand Jupiter’s escape velocity to analyse Dalit uplift, as he theorized at VigyanBhavan, Delhi, last October?
Was poverty a burden, a menace, or just a “state of mind”, as he pointed out in Allahabad in August 2013?

All of Rahul’s frequent verbal blunders are blamed on his team of ideologues. Now decide whether you need to be shocked or surprised- why is he still a part of Congress? And maybe congress is fond of making a fool off itself and thus promoting Rahul being the next president!!

In December 2012, when Delhi was up in arms after the December 16 gang rape, such was Rahul’s disconnect with India that he refused to meet the crowds. It led to the popular slogan: “Saare yuva yahan hain, Rahul Gandhi kahan hai? (All the youngsters are here, where is Rahul Gandhi?)”. His projected image of a youth icon got a severe beating due to his inability to fight on the street.

Several Congress leaders feel the time has come for the party to stop rewarding Rahul for every failure, and even look at life without him. But who will bell the cat? And, as former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh asks, what options do they have? “Mrs. Gandhi is number one”.

“After that, there is Rahul. Who can be number three?” says the leader who defeated BJP’s Arun Jaitley in Amritsar to give the party one of its few moments of joy. “I believe it’s in Congress’s interests to keep them there.”

Rahul Gandhi has gradually consolidated himself into a liability for Congress. Sonia Gandhi had done a wonderful job in bringing back Congress to power in 2003. Rahul Gandhi appears to lack the very quality to unite the Congress and infuse motivation among party workers. Narendra Modi might or might not be able to make a ‘Congress mukta Bharat’ but it appears that Rahul Gandhi is hell bent upon fulfilling his wish.

Is Sonia Gandhi listening or she too has become helpless now?

“Rahul is more an advertiser of BJP party rather than promoting his own congress party.” That’s why perhaps; many observe that Rahul Gandhi is the lucky mascot for Narendra Modi. What Narendra Modi couldn’t do for BJP’s poll prospects in UP, Rahul Gandhi did.“Rahul Gandhi you are indeed towards a noble gesture, keep the good work on”!! The condition of UP state Congress is such that according to sources, veteran leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi is mulling to switch sides from Congress to BJP. Many others may also follow soon.

Well, there should be no second thought before I can say that BJP loves Rahul more than Congress people!! Wouldn’t you all agree with me?