Rahul Gandhi must be arrested immediately after what senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh revealed!

It seems like Rahul Gandhi’s dream of becoming India’s Prime Minister will always remain as a dream. Yes, the reason is out and the person responsible for this is none other than Rahul Gandhi’s close aide and abuser Mr Digvijay Singh.

Several parts of India is getting burnt down and the innocents are losing their hard earned assets. The credits goes to none other than the Karni Sena that has adopted the path of violence. When the entire nation is opposing the acts of these goons, the only party which is supporting the Karni Sena is Congress.

None, you may call it as a fake news floated to tarnish the reputation of the esteemed party that fought for India’s Independence. But let me take the privilege to shut the opposer’s mouth with evidence.

“Films which hurt sentiments of any religion or caste should not be made”. This was the statement made by the senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh. Its clearly evident that he doesn’t have the spine to condemn the violence of Karni Sena, infact, he is endorsing the violence.

Now look at another statement of a senior Congress leader Manish Tiwari, which has led to further suspicion. “Vandalism to STOP release of Padmavat is,despicable reprehensible&utterly nauseating. Ques-Why is it happening primarily in BJP ruled states after even SC has green lighted the film?Is something beyond Padmavat at play?Why is I&B Min not standing up to enforce CBFC clearance?”.

What has led to suspicion is that, Manish Tiwari has said that the Karni Sena has intensified their violence only in the BJP states. By saying this, the senior Congress leader has exposed the game plan of the Congress and Karni Sena. After all, why the Karni Sena has intensified its violence only in the BJP ruled states even though several BJP state governments have put a ban on the movie “Padmaavat”?

Here is the reason! Karni Sena has joined hands with Congress!

Days ago, several Rajput associations like Karni Sena, Rajput Sabha, Ravana Rajput Samaj, Pratap Foundation, Durga Dal, and others extended their support to the Congress in Ajmer, Alwar, and Mandalgarh. The reason given for this coalition was really hilarious. Yes, the Rajput organisations said that BJP has ignored the Rajput community. But in reality, the Congress has ignored and sidelined the Rajputs.

This join of hands took place days ago and after this, the Karni Sena became violent only in the BJP ruled states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

School bus was attacked by the Karni Sena! What will Rahul Gandhi say on this?

The Karni Sena on January 24th stooped to a new low as it attacked a school bus in Gurugram. The young kids were literally petrified by this act. Now that Rahul Gandhi’s party has lent support to Karni Sena, shouldn’t he be responsible for all these violence?

Properties worth crores are damaged by the violence done by Karni Sena but instead of condemning it, Rahul Gandhi’s men are supporting Karni Sena. This makes it clear that Karni Sena is violent on orders of Rahul Gandhi’s men. Now, wouldn’t it be apt to arrest this 47 year-old youth icon Rahul Gandhi?

How Karni Sena is insulting the Rajputs!

  • I believe Congress sponsored goons are causing violence & menace, they tried to divide Hindus on caste lines in Maharashtra a few days back & now they’re playing the same dirty game wanting to diminish Rajputs’ glory & spread hatred. If you can’t win them, divide them

  • “Why are some thugs under the guise of Karni Sena are destroying public and private property and vandalising? They are bringing shame to the glorious Rajput name. What is the Congress connection with them?

Hansika Raj