Rahul Gandhi and his parents ruled Amethi for 37 years!!! But there is not even a collector’s office

Here’s yet again an allegation against the “47 years old youth icon” of the Congress Party Rahul Gandhi by the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and textiles, Smriti Irani.

Irani was addressing a public meeting in “Amethi” Constituency, seen as the bastion of the Congress, along with BJP president Amit Shah.

Irani launched a blistering attack against Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and alleged that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in Amethi had not returned land taken from farmers.

“There is no collector’s office here. If Rahul is hearing me today I want to say that you used to talk about development in the country and abroad. You make a mockery of development in Gujarat,” she said.

“Rahul who talks about getting better days to Gujarat and working better on it, maybe he needs to concentrate on Amethi first”, Smriti Irani said. Gujarat is an already a developed state; again the credit goes to our PM Modi. This constituency was formerly ruled by leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi, who had been living in Amethi since decades but have not made an attempt to get any facilities there.
“Rahul, who used to talk about relief to farmers, did not return their land taken by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation here,” Smriti Irani added.

Referring to the closure of a cycle factory called Samrat, she said, “the country was surprised that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, headed by Rahul, which did not do any commercial activities has purchased it. The land should be freed and given back to the farmers.”

Over the last decade, Mr. Modi has focused on many areas of development including electricity generation and distribution, infrastructure development, conventional energy sources etc.

For example, every home in Gujarat is assured of 24 X 7 electricity supply and this has had a positive impact on children’s education and domestic industries. There has also been a marked improvement in the quality of roads, schools and hospitals. Gujarat was also one of the early states to launch the emergency ambulance service that ensures immediate and quality first aid to citizens across the state in medical emergencies.

Instead of acknowledging the good work of this state government in all these sectors, the Nehru-Gandhi’s have been launching a shrill attack on Mr. Modi and have desperately tried to run down his achievements. This has prompted people to ask, what is the Amethi model of development?

Thirty years ago Amethi was as backward as Mandya or Anantapur and therefore one could say that its development or non-development was at par with districts in other states which were at some distance from the state capital. However, over the last three decades, many Indian states have witnessed substantial development and the once backward districts are now flourishing business and agricultural centers with top class infrastructure, roads, hospitals and round-the-clock electricity.

One should visit Shimoga town in the heart of Karnataka now to understand what public representatives can do to a district which reposes faith in them. But poor Amethi, which has been represented almost continuously by the Nehru-Gandhi’s for over thirty years, finds itself left behind.

They are lagging behind with the basic facilities needed in the present times. Let us now look at another key element that makes for a better life for the poor, the middle class and the rich – Electricity. Although the Nehru-Gandhi family has enjoyed continuous power at the Centre since independence, the power supply situation in Amethi and Rae Bareli Lok Sabha constituencies is pathetic.

Don’t you think Rahul Gandhi should stop his sense-less talks and start doing his duty?

Though Irani lost to the Congress vice president in Amethi, she managed to reduce his victory margin from around 3.70 lakh in 2009 to 1.07 lakh in 2014.

She told reporters months ago that a former Congress MLA along with 60-70 village pradhans had joined the BJP.

“They were anguished as they had devoted their time to the Congress believing that there would be development in the state under the party, especially under the leadership of Gandhi…But due to neglect and insult of the Congress workers, the party leadership in Amethi is leaving Rahulji,” she alleged.

During the 2014 polls, Irani said she had gone to a village which had been boycotting elections.

“When I asked villagers why they were doing so, they said they could not meet their leader. Then I told them that Rahul might not have time, but I will be available for you and requested the village head to vote,” she said.

You have blindly trusted families for 60 years. Now trust BJP and PM Modi, and this will definitely lead to the road of prosperity of the nation.

Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2017/oct/10/you-trusted-a-family-for-60-years-now-trust-bjp-and-pm-modi-amit-shah-in-amethi-1669601.html



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