Rahul Gandhi, please do not give lectures on democracy, Do you know what you’re mother Sonia Gandhi did to Sitaram Kesari and PV Narsimha Rao 20 years back?!

If there is anyone who taught how to misuse democracy, how to destroy the constitution, it is none other than Congress. Right from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru to Indra Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi, every one have twisted the constitution according to their convenience.

Indira Gandhi just to save her PM position went to the extent of imposing emergency in the country and killed democracy overnight. Her same legacy was carried by her daughter in law who unethically stopped a person from her own party from being elected as the AICC President. Today the Congress which gives lectures on democracy should be reminded about the misdeeds of their topmost leader who not just humiliated a senior person but treated him like a no man.

It was in 1998, when the Congress was facing major leadership crisis in the party. The Congress had lost elections to BJP at the centre and AB Vajpayee was the Prime Minister. Sonia Gandhi at that point of time did not have the support as she has today, there were many senior leaders like Sitaram Kesari, Pranab Mukherjee who were far more experienced than Sonia Gandhi and had connect in the party. But Sonia Gandhi’s ultimate aim was to establish control over the party and declare herself as the undisputed leader.

But she very well knew that many in Congress did not support her leadership and never wanted her to become the President of the party. So, she did not want to face elections but rather wanted every member to elect her. The biggest threat she faced was from Sitaram Kesari who was also in the race for President post. She planned an internal coup in the party and started a campaign called ‘Kesari Hatao’ to remove him from the Presidential race. She appointed Pranab Mukherjee, Ahmad Patel, Gulam Nabi Azad, AK Antony and Jitendra Prasada to convince Kesari to withdraw his nomination. But Kesari was adamant and refused to step down and made his displeasure public.

Sonia Gandhi who was too ambitious to get the President post, with the help of Sharad Pawar, got her elected as the Congress Parliamentary Party even though she was not an MP. Finally, Kesari lost support and he had to resign from the President post on March 8, 1998. But Kesari was confident of being elected as the President again in the next elections.

But on March 14, 1998, when the party decided to meet, Sonia Gandhi had made an unethical plan to make sure he was not elected. When Kesari arrived at the party headquarters, some of Sonia Gandhi’s people took Kesari to the bathroom and locked him up there. The meeting started and people assumed that Sitaram Kesari never came to the meeting and finally elected Sonia Gandhi as their President.

Sitaram Kesari arrived after everything was over and sensed something was not right. To his surprise, Pranab Mukherjee began reading out a resolution ’thanking’ him for his services and invoking Clause J of Article 19 of the Congress constitution and announced that Sonia Gandhi was elected as the President of the Congress party. On hearing, Sitaram Kesari was dumbstruck and immediately interrupted the speech and asking “Hey, What are you saying” (‘Arre yeh kya keh rahe ho). But the Sonia Gandhi people forced him to remain quiet. Sitaram Kesari walked out of the party headquarters without speaking anything and kept himself away from all party activities.

Harish Khare who was a media advisor to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and a close aide of Sitaram Kesri in an obituary to Sitaram Kesari writes….

“On March 14, 1998 the Congress Working Committee took the unprecedented and unconstitutional step of stripping an elected president of his post. The constitutional coup was hailed widely as restoring the party’s leadership back to the site of its only natural entitlement – the Nehru-Gandhi family. When the historians get to chronicle the import of that eventful day, most of the honourable men of the Congress would be shown to have acted way less than honourably; even those who owned their rehabilitation and place in the CWC to the old man had no qualms in abandoning him. The transition that day cast the Congress (I) once again in the dynastic mould, and the consequences are visible…

“On May 20, 1999 Kesri was demonstratively roughed up by the Congress goons at the party headquarters. That planned roughing up was administered to the old man just as the Congress Working Committee members were arriving at 24, Akbar Road to discuss and expel the Sharad Pawar-PA Sangma-Tariq Anwar trio for daring to “challenge” Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Someone had decided that Kesri – as also others – was among the “suspects”, lacking in hundred per cent loyalty to the leadership. That evening, the country silently watched the physical humiliation of Kesri and drew its own conclusions about the Congress and its leadership; there was a disagreeable note to that evening of May 20, and put in place rough attitudes, which inhibit wholesomeness in decision-making…

“Rajesh Pilot and Sitaram Kesri are dead, and Mr. Sharad Pawar has been expelled. There is an altogether a new Congress, and Kesri’s departure … only emphasises that newness and all its implications.” (http://www.thehindu.com/thehindu/2000/10/26/stories/02260001.htm)

It was not just with Sitaram Kesari, but P V Narasimha Rao had faced similar humiliation and insult by the same Gandhi-Nehru family many times in his life. Sonia Gandhi had treated him like an outsider and did not even respect him for the position he held as PM. Even after his death, Sonia Gandhi refused to allow his bod inside the Congress headquarters and never visited his Samadhi.

The main reason of her attitude was because people like P V Narasimha Rao wanted to bring the Congress Party out from the clutches of Gandhi-Nehru parivar. They wanted to give an opportunity to everyone and make sure the party doesn’t become a dynastic property, which unfortunately was not possible. P V Narasimha Rao never compromised National interest for Sonia Gandhi like others which made her develop a grudge against him.

So, Sonia Gandhi has no morality to give lectures about democracy or ethical standards which she herself never followed. This is why we say if there is anyone who taught India to murder democracy, murder constitution then it is none other than Nehru- Gandhi family.