Rahul Gandhi has purchased these 4 liars by paying crores to carry his coffin in the month of December!!! Do you know why?

Rahul Gandhi is really amazing!!!

This failed leader is so talented that he has found four more failed individuals who can contribute to his defeat in the state of Gujarat. These four individuals are not just fools like Rahul Gandhi but are even Hindu haters too.

Now let us have a look at these men, one by one.

  • This man is a born Congressi, but enacted a drama of joining Congress ahead of Gujarat elections!!!

He jumped into prominence among the pseudo fighters by saying that he is a leader of the backward castes.

Rahul Gandhi claims that ‘a new and promising wave’ has started in Gujarat after Alpesh was inducted into Congress. But how can a Congress leader be inducted to that party again? Yes, the reality is that Alpesh was a born Congress man and he had contested a Panchayat election in the name of Congress but had lost it miserably.

Rahul Gandhi purchased Alpesh Thakore for Rs 3.5 crore, reveals this man!!!

A prefix named ‘OBC’ was added to this pseudo leader even though he didn’t fight for the upliftment of backward community. This man is the first nail in the coffin of Rahul Gandhi.

  • Hardik Patel! The man who insulted Indian flag is with Rahul Gandhi

Who can forget Mr Hardik Patel who had provoked Patidars in Gujarat with intention of joining politics in the future. This man had not just asked youths to kill policemen but was also arrested in a case of insulting the tricolour .

But Rahul Gandhi took pride in embracing this anti-national. Another notable achievement of this man is that he secretly met Rahul Gandhi in a luxurious hotel and allegedly received money with promises to support Congress in the Gujarat elections.

Like Rahul, this man is a master in lying blatantly in the rallies. On November 3rd, he said that BJP would indulge in unfair practices during the upcoming Assembly polls in Gujarat. By looking at this statement of his, one can draw a conclusion that he is sure of the defeat of Congress party in the upcoming election.

Jignesh Mevani!!! The man who abused India’s Prime Minister is the youth icon’s top weapon

This man who calls himself as a Dalit leader was caught weeks ago abusing a man. This was revealed in a audio clip where he was seen abusing a man for posting some comments on Facebook. In that video, Jignesh was even seen using anti-women language.

This man has several abuses to his credits and the recent one was that of against PM Modi and his mother. After Gauri Lankesh was assassinated, he said that “Let us march towards Delhi and continue our fight by sitting on the chest of Modi and Mohan Bhagwat”.

This adopted son of Gauri Lankesh- whose every blood cell is filled with lies and hatred- is now in Rahul Gandhi’s camp.

India’s enemy is Rahul Gandhi’s 4th man!!!

Anti-national Kanhaiya Kumar, who shamelessly receives all facilities from Indian government and yet contributes to break India is Rahul Gandhi’s fourth weapon. Soon after Kanhaiya came out of jail on bail in a sedition case, he met and thanked youth icon Rahul Gandhi for supporting his slogans against India. Even though Kanhaiya Kumar is not from Gujarat, Rahul will use him effectively in order to divert people’s attention.

These four men who are experts in spreading lies and hatred are the trump cards in the Gujarat elections. By embracing these, Rahul Gandhi has proved that these men will carry his political funeral after Gujarat elections.

Hansika Raj


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