Rahul Gandhi Retracts Statement Says: RSS Not Behind Mahatma Gandhi”™s Assasination!

It”™s common practice for politicians to twist statements front of common people, but Rahul Gandhi has not spared the courts also.

Today, Rahul Gandhi made a complete U-TURN on his earlier statement where he allegedly blamed RSS for killing Mahatma Gandhi. The RSS had filed a defamation case against him, in which the Supreme Court had slammed for his statement that he cannot make allegations against anyone without proof and asked him to apologise to RSS or face trail. The court had blasted Rahul Gandhi saying “You can’t make wholesale denunciation of an organisation, The purpose of law is not to turn citizens into litigants. History is the biggest enemy of privacy” But Rahul Gandhi like always hastily made a strong statement that he would not apologise but will go to jail.

But suddenly Rahul Gandhi may have realised his mistake and terrified with the defamation case and suddenly made U-Turn.  Kapil Sibal who appeared on behalf of Rahul Gandhi on court today said that his client never blamed RSS for Mahatama Gandhi”™s killing but only accused the person associated with RSS. He clarified that Rahul Gandhi did not blame RSS as an institution for the crime.

The court however deferred the case to September 1st on request of by Umesh Lalit, who appeared for RSS.

Rahul Gandhi has once again embarrassed himself and his party for making baseless comments to gain political mileage. His repeated mismanaged statements are only proving liable to congress. His party men spend most of their time in DAMAGE CONTROL after every Rahul Gandhis statement.

Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly proved himself to be ill-formed, irresponsible and unfit to lead any association. Looks like he has no maturity that a 46 year old has and the level of knowledge one expects from a Party”™s vice-president.

Its better he retires from politics rather than wasting his life to prove something he can never be!

Aishwarya S