Rahul Gandhi said “The emperor is completely naked”; But look how Smriti Irani and Twiratti trolled him ferociously

Failure upon failure, embarrassment upon embarrassment but Rahul Gandhi denies to quit. He isn’t willing to quit just to for the greed that he will be India’s PM one day. He frequently visits foreign nations and lands on Indian soil just to insult his own party. Dearth of leaders in Congress is clearly visible or else why would the Congress hand over the party’s responsibility to Rahul Gandhi? Yes, whatever statement Rahul Gandhi gives, put not just him but the entire Congress in grave trouble. His political immaturity is not just a huge headache for Congress but even India. Yes, what if by chance, within a couple of decades he becomes India’s PM? This might create a terrible havoc in India.

But yesterday, Rahul Gandhi again became the victim of trolls for his senseless allegations on PM Modi. Firstly Rahul Gandhi said that Rohit Vemula didn’t commit suicide but was murdered as he was a Dalit. Even though the Dalits have moved ahead and are trying to come out of the shackles of caste system, Congress isn’t allowing them.

As all know, he assumes that he is a tough contender to PM Modi so he tried to knock PM Modi by his tweet.

Now this was a massive self goal by Rahul Gandhi as this didn’t point on PM Modi but the former PM Indira Gandhi. Yes, she was the one who trampled democracy but imposing “Emergency” in India for 21 months.


Look at his another tweet

He further tried to attack PM Modi more aggressively but the replies that “RAGA” got were hyper aggressive.

Rahul Gandhi tried to show that he is for “Kurtha Pyjama Ki Sarkar” and blamed Modi for promoting “Suite Boot Ki Sarkar”.


Rahul Gandhi thinks that he is successful in wearing the masks of pro-Dalit, pro-minority, pro-India but he dont know that his real intension is visible (in his words “Naked”) to every Indian.

But the BJP has taken him as a boon because he is indirectly helping them to eliminate from the country slowly. Rahul Gandhi cannot fool Indians anymore because recently he questioned PM Modi’s stand on China issues but the next moment he secretly met the Chinese. All these are a final nail on Congress’ coffin.

Hansika Raj