Rahul Gandhi said he will “grill” PM Modi in a 15-minute debate! But do you know how this challenge proved deadly to Rahul Gandhi?

Once again, the truth has prevailed in India. Today was a fabulous day for India as the Vice-President of India rejected the impeachment motion that was led by the Congress party. When the Congress was trying to recover from this jolt, sources said that SP and BSP also snubbed the Congress in this matter.

After facing massive setback, Rahul Gandhi tried to make a comeback by attacking PM Modi and dared him for a challenge! Do you know what the challenge was?

After getting slammed by the vice-president on the CJI impeachment issue, Rahul Gandhi tried to fool his followers by attacking PM Modi. He invited PM Modi for a 15-minutes debate and said ”I will grill him on Rafael deal and Nirav Modi issues. PM Modi will not be able to speak in front of me”. His party also initiated a rally named “Save the Constitution”.

This statement of Rahul Gandhi was really peculiar because Sonia Gandhi who was the Congress president prior to him never believed in democracy. She never participated in an open debate; forget in a public debate, she had not given an opportunity to her own party workers to ask questions. And now, Rahul Gandhi wants a 15 minutes debate with PM Modi.

But the statement of Rahul Gandhi was grilled and roasted by the BJP leaders! The man who cannot write two lines without looking at his mobile phone is challenging PM Modi!

  • The man who cannot write two lines without looking at his mobile phone, he wants to speak for 15 minutes. When the last time you were supposed to speak, you had said your words will cause an earthquake. However, when you spoke, you spoke about potato factory. Did you want to cause an earthquake by opening a potato factory?
  • The man who doesn’t know where do potatoes grow and how a chips factory looks like, that man wants to speak for 15 minutes.

This was the scathing attack made by the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra.

Not just this, today even the eminent jurist Ram Jethmalani slammed Rahul Gandhi’s move of impeaching the judge!

  • See how much time they must have wasted doing investigation against the CJI for things that happened years before he came to the position. What has the Chief Justice done?
  • He’s (Rahul Gandhi) too small a person to comment on these big events in our history and you should ignore anything he says. He’s just not qualified to make any of these comments.
  • They’ve found some events before he (CJI Dipak Misra) became a judge. Just because he’s human, some inhuman people who have their personal axe to grind will get at him and unnecessarily ruin his reputation for nothing?
  • MPs who presented petition are unsure of their case…Phrases used by MPs indicate mere suspicion, conjecture or assumption…Does not constitute proof beyond reasonable doubt.

Even the BJP President Amit Shah attacked Rahul Gandhi’s Congress by saying “Our institutions which are an outcome of our Constitution today need to be saved from the onslaught of the Congress Party. The Congress Party has spared no institution and is attacking the EC, Supreme Court, Army for petty political gains”.

Source: Republicworld.com

Hansika Raj