Rahul Gandhi said Mahatma Gandhi learnt non-violence from Islam! Now the response given by BJP must not be missed by Indians

The visit of Congress President to Dubai is no less than any event surrounded with controversies. Back to Back Congress President has given such statements abroad that has catched the eye of audience in India as well as abroad.

During his interaction with Indian diaspora at a stadium in Dubai, Rahul Gandhi spoke about the idea of non-violence.The Congress President said “Mahatma Gandhiji picked up the idea of non-violence from our great religions, from our great teachers. He picked up the idea of non-violence from ancient Indian philosophy, from Islam, from Christianity, from Judaism, from every great religion.”

The views of Congress President have been sharply criticized by the ruling party. The BJP has levelled allegations against Congress president claiming that he has indulged in religious politics for vote-bank purposes.

BJP spokesperson and Supreme Court advocate Gaurav Bhatia attacked the Congress President and said his statement shows true face of him. He tweeted “This is the real face of an election-Hindu. He’s issuing a lecture on non-violence in Dubai. All over the world, Hinduism is considered the most tolerant and he doesn’t even mention it. Only because there are fewer people practicing that religion there. He has numerous cloaks; he wears that which suits his purpose.”

Earlier, the party had posted a viral comparison of visits to the region by PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi. In the Modi photo, the Prime Minister can be seen sitting at a table with blue-collar workers opening boxed meals with them, whereas in the Rahul Gandhi photo, the Congress president is sitting down at a table with a clearly high-powered delegation, with the table lavishly piled with food and other gilded ornate things.

The Congress President not only politicized religiously but also insulted the nation by calling it as “Intolerant”. The Congress President said “The values that bring together the people of UAE and India are humility and tolerance; tolerance for different ideas, religions and communities. I’m sad to say that back home it is four and a half years of intolerance”. The Congress President meant that since Prime Minister Modi came to power there was lot of intolerance.

But he hasn’t noticed how his own men exhibited intolerance by stopping the screening of the film and vandalizing the theatre. He forgot the actual intolerance by his own family members during the Emergency, Sikh Riots

Nowhere in his statements in Dubai at any of the event he addressed it seemed that he is proud of his nation infact what is reflected in his sayings is only his disrespect for the nation which he has done by degrading the nation and praising China and other nations over it.

Now it’s upto you to decide you want a Prime Minister who is taking India to great heights and earning global recognition for the nation or the one who is degrading the nation just for his political benefits. Caste your vote wisely

Source : Republic World