Rahul Gandhi says Congress is a Muslim party! Will this statement be a final nail in the coffin of Congress party in India?

After the uprising controversies over Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s “Muslim intellectual” outreach, there arised a wide number of outrage from the people all over India.

There has been a repetition in statements like: Religion should not be any element of a political party. Political party should not speak anything on matters of Religion and caste; they should stop visiting mosque, temples or any other religious functions in capacity of a political functionary but yet none seem to be following it.

Here comes the Congress President with yet another controversial statement, and this should have come when the seculars were busy perverting the definition of secularism from ‘a separation of state and religion’ to appeasement. The first step towards secularism is a Uniform Civil Code for all so that the state doesn’t get involved in religious affairs.

Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman accused Congress of playing religious card ahead of 2019 general elections. Sitharaman said, “Rahul Gandhi has said that ‘Congress is a Muslim party’ in a meeting with intellectuals. She alleged that minority appeasement of Congress has come to a crescendo”.

Adding on to this the Former MP and prominent editor Shahid Siddiqui was quoted: “Urdu daily Inqalab has quoted Rahul Gandhi saying “Yes Congress is a Muslim party”. Is the quote correct or party will contradict it?”, Siddiqui said on Twitter, adding that Indian Muslims did not want a Muslim party but a national “secular party” that did not discriminate between citizens.

Urdu daily Inqalab has quoted Rahul Gandhi saying “Yes Congress is a Muslim party”. Is the quote correct or party will contradict it? Muslims don’t want a Muslim party, they want a National Secular party, which doesn’t discriminate between citizens.

These reports emerged on social media accusing the grand old party of minority appeasement ahead of the upcoming 2019 general elections. It arises just a day after the Congress President Rahul Gandhi met a few Muslim intellectuals. According to Sitharaman, “Rahul Gandhi apologized to Muslim intellectuals for losing track during 2014. Rahul Gandhi said that the episodes of Karnataka temple visit won’t happen again and the party will do course correction”.

Congress party’s behaviour may lead to division and communal disharmony which prevailed during the time of partition in 1947. “Congress is playing a dangerous game. It’s playing up the card of religion. It’s frightening that it may lead to division and communal disharmony which prevailed during 1947 partition. Congress party shall be solely responsible if any disharmony plays out between now and 2019 polls,” Sitharaman added.

Union Minister said Rahul Gandhi like a ‘fringe group’ went to JNU to give voice to the tukde tukde brigade, with grave implication to India’s security. Sitharaman says Congress changed the fundamentals of constitution and today is again violating the Constitution by saying they are a Muslim party.

Rahul Gandhi must come out and clarify what he means by saying, Congress is a Muslim party!! Congress must also clarify about Karnataka Congress Minister’s comment supporting Sharia Court across the country and whether the party believes that the country will turn into a Hindu Pakistan if BJP again comes to power in 2019!!

Now Rahul Gandhi “who becomes a election time Janeudhari Hindu, will own or disown quote as per ground needs”. The Tudke brigade will follow the dictates and strategize when to quote congress a Muslim party and when of Janeudhari Hindu.He has taken off his Janeu and worn a skull cap gearing up for 2019 elections. It’s high time people watch through his gimmicks. He is capable of only a few fancy dress shows but definitely not a PM. None of us can think of handing over our country to the Congress Shehzada.

This statement from the Congress president does not surprise any Hindus, they are aware that Congress can never be Pro- Hindus. In fact they have destroyed the majority religion over the years by  playing divide tool among the Hindus.

Source: Timesnow news

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