Rahul Gandhi says Congressmen are “Pandavas”and the BJP are “Kauravas”! What can be said of this analogy?

One most common known Universal Truth: “Noise is for wrong and Silence belongs to the Right”. From the time Evil took Birth; it is the Evil forces that do more of the talking! Well, this phrase must rightly suit one man in India. And that’s the Congress Shehzada.

The Dynasty Politics Strategies have increasing with time and plotting agenda against PM Modi has seen a increasing trend as the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are ahead. 2019 Lok Sabha Election is a modern day “Mahabharata”. Rahul got this one right but going by his reputation in Politics, he found himself on the wrong side.

While trying and targeting the BJP Party, Congress president Rahul Gandhi framed a statement that the BJP are like the Kauravas, who fought for power, while his party (the Congress), on the lines of the Pandavas, battled for truth! 

But while framing this statement, Rahul forgot to count on some of the factors of his party and his family as well.Congress that tries and blames BJP for its rule, they have literally forgotten about its past rule in India, until the time PM Narendra Modi came to power. Here’s what the Congress President missed to notice in his own court:

In Congress there is one mother “Gandhari” who has put the blind folds of ‘Putra Moha’ (blind love for her child) and is hell bent to see her incompetent son as PM of India.

In Congress there is one incompetent “Duryodhan” who wants to become PM of India just because he thinks it is his birth right and to fulfill his personal ego.

In congress there is also one “Dhurtharashtra” who turned blind to all corruption happening under his nose and stayed mum while all corruption was happening.

The Congress is the party which was doing the “Vastraharan of Mother India” by doing the rampant corruption and misuse of power until the year 2014, and probably still continuing it but under hidden caves. 

Congress is a party which works on “Shakuni Niti” (Wicked Mind) and “Adharma”(Injustice) by dividing the people in politics of cast, reservation and freebies.

Congress has 100 of unethical political allies who so far were hell bent to cut each others throat, but today has joined their hands in the greed of power and money.

While on the other hand, let’s consider the factors of Pandavas and their role in Mahabharata. Pandavas represents Dharma and Kauravas represent Adharma and Congress has always supported and sided of Adharma in India.

It is the Pandavas who went through utmost atrocities, criticisms, humiliation though fought for their dignity and survival.  The comparison of these two cannot be done as their qualities are poles apart in every sense.

And above all we have a Krishna, who is aware of all facts and is leading the BJP party with his intelligence and maturity. We have a honest, visionary, hardworking, Great leader who is working tirelessly for development of the country. A humble leader who is staying on path of Dharma and showing others the path of dharma.

Making a comparison of these both will be worth nothing. People of India very well know who is with Dharma and who is Adharmi! This modern day battle of Mahabharata will have victory in the hands of the one man who is holding the flag of Dharma. And i am sure i do not need to mention the name..

Credits: Arun Bodke

Source: Quora.com





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