Rahul Gandhi says “My mother has sacrificed, suffered for this country and she is more Indian than many”! But a 12th standard boy’s 10 point fantastic reply to Rahul Gandhi is going viral

Today, I saw an emotional press conference from the president of the Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi where he said “My mother is Italian, My mother has lived larger part of her life in India, My mother is more Indian than many Indian people I have met. My mother sacrificed for this country. If the PM likes to abuse her, he may do so if it pleases him”.

  • It was good to see you defending your mother, who is from Italy, but it was not right of you to say that your mother is more Indian than many Indian people you have met. This has shown your Italian culture because Indians never compare. Indians believe in the principle that each and every human being are great.
  • However, as you have said that your mother is more Indian than the Indians you met, let me prove that your claim is a myth. I am pretty sure that you have spent your major part of your life secretly roaming in Italy and other foreign destinations, so there are no chance to meet any Indians over there. And incase, luckily, if you met any Indian when you were in India, then those individuals would be like Manishankar Aiyar, Owaisi and so on and every Indian knows in which nation their loyalty lies. Hence you can’t say that Indians are less Indians than your mother.
  • Mr Rahul Gandhi, I understand the pain when the entire nation is commenting against your mother for her past deeds but was it right to call Mr Narendra Modi as ‘Maut ka saudagar’? Even he has a family and how would they feel when a lady born in Italy calls him trader of death? And this terrible statement was used by your mother who is from Italy.
  • You had said that your party doesn’t have the culture of abusing others. Ohhh really? Your senior party leader who was once writing speech to your mother, Mr Manishankar Aiyar had called PM Modi a “neech” person. Isn’t this an abuse?
  • Forget others, where was your culture when you did politics in the name of soldiers by saying that PM Modi did “Khoon Ki Dalaali”? You dragged the Indian Army so that you can score a political point.
  • I still remember the day when PM Modi had cried while talking about the hardships that his mother had gone through, in the foreign land while interacting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. I also remember how you had unleashed your leaders to attack PM Modi, that too on national media at prime time, questioning why he cried? Are you serious Rahul Gandhi?
  • Your great grand father Nehru and grand mother Indira Gandhi had tried to whitewash their blunders by changing their surname to “Gandhi”. But you proved to be even smarter when you linked Nirav and Lalit Modi with PM Narendra Modi just because their second name matched to that of PM Modi.
  • You said your mother sacrificed for this country. Can you be a bit more specific? Indians are saying that staunch patriots have suffered and sacrificed a lot under your mother’s rule. Who can forget how Sadhvi Pragya was tortured for years by the Congress led UPA government even though there was not even a single proof against her?
  • Let me rip apart your another lie. You said PM Modi had abused your Italian mother. Can you say where and when did he abuse your mother? We have a Prime Minister who equates women to goddess and you blame on such a person. Aren’t you shamed to do this?
  • People might have not understood why you held the emotional press meet just 2 days ahead of the polling date in Karnataka. All your weapons to went of no use in the state and at this moment, you even urged your mother to campaign in Karnataka. But it was a flop show as the Kannadigas didn’t forget how your mother had announced in Goa 11 years back that she won’t give water to Kannadigas. That’s why you held an emotional press meet to fool the people.

But let me promise you Rahul Gandhi. You and your family have fooled the nation enough of time since 1947. So, this time i’m sorry, yo cannot fool us.

A 12th standard boy