Rahul Gandhi says no big fishes caught after demonetization, Karnataka Congress MLA caught in IT raids, read the amount of cash seized!

Ever since demonetization was announced, Rahul Gandhi has been ranting that only poor are suffering and the rich have not been caught so the decision of demonetization is scam. He and his party wasted an entire session of Parliament just to fulfill their political goals and stopped many policy decisions.

Just few weeks back, Rahul Gandhi created a big drama while he was addressing Congress workers in Uttrakhand saying that his Kurta is torn and has no money, but PM Modi’s kurta is always nice. This turned out to be the biggest joke and he was trolled on social media for making such irresponsible comments. Rahul Gandhi who says that PM Modi has not been able to trace black money should probably read news papers and update himself as to how many raids have been conducted since 2 months.

The latest being his own party MLA of Karnataka who has been caught in the IT raids. Yesterday, the IT department raided the house of MTB Nagaraj in Hoskote during which they have seized over 120 crores of undisclosed income, 1.10 crore cash in new 2000 rupee notes and 10 kilo worth gold. The IT department said that it had received some inputs regarding the MLA holding huge amount of cash in the house, after which the IT department had close watch on the MLA and his properties since a week.

The department said that the undisclosed income was created by way of “unaccounted property investment and construction of commercial property, hospital, houses, withdrawal of bogus unsecured loans for the amount which is actually revenue receipt” and even some cash deposits made on account of renting out convention halls and paying guest accommodation. The IT dept. has seized over 3,500 documents related to land ownership of 560 acres. The documents have found to be bogus in which many of his associates are also seem to have been involved.

According to reports, the MLA tried to save himself claiming that he had exemption of 125 crores for running an SEZ, but this property has also been under scanner.

Last month another Congress leader and Mahila Congress head Laxmi R Hebbalkar and Ramesh L Jarkiholi’s houses were raided in which the IT department had seized undisclosed assets worth over Rs 162 crore and Rs 41 lakh cash, besides over a dozen kg in gold and jewellery. There are over 600 raids conducted in past 2-3 months in which over 5000 crores cash has been seized from various politicians, businessman and bureaucrats.



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