Rahul Gandhi says “No” to Ram Mandir in 2019 elections! But Mani Shankar Aiyar makes a big admission on Ayodhya that has embarrassed Congress party

People from the Grand Old Party usually claim that they are being trapped by the ruling party leaders or a conspiracy is being plotted against them by the Modi Government team. But today all these accusations have been proved as false. Of course the credits for it go back to Congress itself! Trapping his own party, this Congress leader has declared a huge statement about one of the most important issues of the country.

Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar made a number of big statements in relation to the Ayodhya issue and has hit out at his own party in the matter, saying that what transpired on December 6, 1992, i.e. the Babri Masjid’s demolition, was a “huge sin” and that the Narasimha Rao-led Congress government at the time failed to stop that from demolition.

“One day – what happened on December 6 – that tragedy should never be forgotten. It wasn’t just a tragedy, it was such a sin that it should never again be allowed and shouldn’t have been allowed.”

‘Ek Shaam Babri Masjid Ke Naam’ was the event organised by Social Democratic Party of India, Aiyar decided to deliver every aspect of his opinion towards the issue and termed the demolition of the Babri Masjid as wrong saying that no excuse could ever justify as to why this “unconstitutional activity” was not stopped!

“I am not ready to believe any excuse given to as to why this act was not stopped. We should have stopped it as it was an attempt to partition India again. It was an attempt to break the ties between Hindus and Muslims which is the core foundation of this country. Our national integrity was targeted on that day,” he added.

“We say, do make the mandir in Ayodhya if you want, but how can you say ‘Mandir wahin banayenge’? What is the meaning of ‘Mandir wahin banayenge?’ Dashrat was a very big king. It is said that his palace had 10,000 rooms. Who knows what room was where? That’s why, to say that ‘we believe our Lord Ram was born here and that’s why we’ll build it there and as there’s a Masjid there we’ll first break it and build in its place’, we say is believing in Allah a wrong thing in India?”, Aiyar said.

Continuing his talk  and not forgetting to mention the BJP Government, the Congress leader said that those who were behind this barbaric act were given an opportunity by the people in 2014 but they completely ruined their chance.

“Those who were behind the demolition are not supported by the people of this country. In 2014, General election, around 31 per cent of Indians extended their support to them but that too for different reasons. In 2014, they got an opportunity but they completely ruined it in the last five years. I know that Indian people want to be secular,” he added.

The statement that was most expected from the leader during his talk was his assurance to the Muslim community. Aiyar made sure he assured the Muslim community that in case they are not satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court, the Congress is ready to chalk out various alternatives to tackle the situation. Well the Congress is believed to stand against Hindus at any circumstance and it will succeed in it with hook or crook.

Source: Republic World

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