Rahul Gandhi scores a massive self-goal again! This is what he did to stop “Congress-Mukt Karnataka” yesterday

Kannadigas might not have forgotten Rahul Gandhi’s words that were uttered weeks ago. The 47 year old youth icon had said that

  • “Today PM was showing real concern for Deve Gowda in his speech. The Prime Minister today openly accepted the fact that JD(S) is in fact BJP’s B Team. Both JD(S) and BJP should not misguide the voters of Karnataka. On one hand, Gowda said his son will be disowned if he goes to BJP. And then the son does a secret meeting with Amit Shah”.

Yes, Rahul Gandhi had called former Prime Minister Devegowda’s JD (S) party as BJP’s B Team. He even tried to fool the voters of Karnataka by saying that both BJP and JD (S) have joined hands prior to the elections so that they can defeat the “invisible” Congress wave in Karnataka.

But just hours after the counting in Karnataka commenced, Rahul Gandhi sensed the “spectacular” defeat of his party and that’s why he sent his leaders to embrace the alleged “B Team” of BJP. This move of Congress party is mocked not just by the sensible voters but even by their own party leaders.

Cousin of Rahul Gandhi, Mr Shehzad Poonawalla called out the hypocrisy of Rahul Gandhi and said,

  • Wow so Rahul Gandhi who said JD(S) is Janta Dal (Sangh) and labelled them as a B Team of BJP will save Secularism by allying with them? A BJP agent? Wow! Did Rahul Gandhi apologise to Kumaraswamy and Deve Gowda Ji for calling them communal?

Rahul Gandhi had even said “One side is BJP,other side Congress party and in between is Janata Dal (Secular). The question is in this battle of ideologies, where does the Janata Dal stand? Addressing a rally at nearby Devanahalli, he said “In their (JDS) name there is S that stands for Secular. But in this election it looks like Janata Dal has changed its name and Janata Dal(S) means Janata Dal Sangh Parivar”.

He had given out this statement on May 7th, 2018, just 5 days prior to election date. But within days, Rahul Gandhi started to feel that JD (S) is as much secular as the Congress party.

Prior to the elections, Mr Siddaramaiah had even said that there is no scope for any collation with the JD (S). Even Devegowda didn’t show any mercy at Mr Siddaramaiah as he said “I have never seen a government worst than this one in my life. The President is scheduled to come to Hassan on February 7 and they have changed the DC now so that some politicians are allowed to make money”.

Mr Gowda further intensified his attack by saying “I am supposed to show my respects as the district representative but I have decided not to share the dais with Siddaramaiah. I am not going to share any platform with this Chief Minister. I will write to the President that we cannot share the platform with this lowest level administration”.

Now the people of Karnataka are stunned to see how 2 parties that were fighting like anything just days ago have joined hands just for the greed of power.

Hansika Raj