Rahul Gandhi scores a massive self goal!!! Hails Supreme Court today, used Pakistan analogy yesterday

Just a day back, the Congress President who had compared the Indian judiciary to Pakistan, he is now seen hailing the same Indian Judiciary! Why? The logic is simple. Because the judiciary has announced the decision in favor of Congress! What? Wait, here’s what the Congress President has said:

Rahul Gandhi hails Supreme Court today, used Pakistan analogy yesterday: BJP

Supreme Court’s judgement upholds the Constitution of India, previous precedents and quashes Congress’s opportunistic politics. The BJP is now ready for the floor test tomorrow in line with Supreme Courts orders. They are confident enough that, they have trounced Congress in the elections polls, it won’t be any different on the floor of the House!

Rahul Gandhi was shamelessly comparing the same SC which give marathon hearing to the Congress party’s petition with Pakistan: Dr. Sambit Patra

Supreme Court despite being targeted by the Congress recently, rose to the occasion, upheld Governor’s [another Constitutional office targeted by the Congress] decision to invite BJP, the single largest party, to form a government and gave democracy a fair chance. In spite of repeated criticisms by the Congress party and the Congress President himself insulting the Indian Judiciary, it has stood in favor of Congress. Does Congress still think the judiciary controlled by PM Modi?

Congress in first week of May: Impeach CJI. They killing Democracy.

Today May 18th: We have full faith in Judiciary and thank them for taking a decision in our favour.

Supreme Court remains to be the same but its Rahul Gandhi who’s changing his color like a chameleon. Yesterday he and his party were against the Judiciary and its decisions, but today he is praising it. Congress absolutely has no stand! Yesterday they blame PM Modi is having the judiciary under his control, what do they have to say now?

Anything and everything is fine, when it’s in favor of Congress. Law and order is accepted with wide arms when it proves to be positive for the Dynasty Party. What a misery?