Rahul Gandhi should be arrested immediately! Why the poster of Congress is in the office of Cambridge Analytica?

Any scam popping up in India or abroad seems to have Congress hands messed up in it. Congress has a copyright for wrong doings. Doesn’t it?

Yes, I agree in 4 years we have become habituated being ruled by frauds where photoshop and fake news advertised by Congress are valued more than facts witnessed. Don’t you find one thing similar in every scam that happens in India and abroad, each of them has Congress connection associated with it and that’s the ultimate fact about the Indian National Congress!

A day after Cambridge Analytica’s former expert Christopher Wylie named the Indian National Congress as firm’s ‘client’ during a testimony before the British Parliament, a BBC documentary has gone viral that has left the Opposition party red-faced.

A photo from the 2017 BBC documentary is being shared widely on the social media that shows the Congress party poster in the office of Alexander Nix, the former CEO of Cambridge Analytica. Tech journalist Jamie Bartlett had made the documentary on the theme of ‘secrets of silicon valley’.

‘I can confirm this is NOT a Photoshop,’ Bartlett said on Twitter. In a series of tweets, he said that, ‘Indian press picking up that Cambridge Analytica worked for the Congress Party – and it’s causing a storm. Spotted hanging on the wall in Cambridge A’s office when I was there recently with BBC Two (sic).’

And I can confirm this is NOT a photoshop. I was in the room, and I remember it. Here’s another shot, it’s hanging up in Nix’s office, front and centre. This screengrab taken from my version of the doc.

In a quick reaction on the latest development, Union Minister Smriti Irani also mocked the Congress.

Kya Baat hai Rahul Gandhi Ji.. Congress ka Haath, Cambridge Analytica ke Saath!


Even if the top most authority of Cambridge Analytica asserts that the worked for Indian Congress, our INC leaders will shamelessly keep denying the fact. Now the Congress will pay double money to Cambridge Analytica and will ask them to falsely say that they worked for BJP also. You never know its Congress and they can do anything against the nation.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Wylie claimed that JD(U) had availed the services of the data mining firm’s parent company SCL’s services in 2010. Yesterday, he had told a UK parliamentary committee, Cambridge Analytica had been employed by the Indian National Congress.

The Persuasion Machine, the last of the two-part documentary series for the BBC, ‘Secrets of the SIlicon Valley’, shows Bartlett meeting Cambridge Analytica’s now-suspended CEO Alexander Nix in his London office. As Bartlett enters Nix’s room, he stands up and greets him. Right behind Nix, on the wall, is a poster showing the ‘hand’ symbol of the Congress party. Below the hand is written “Congress” in bold letters. The poster carries the slogan ‘Development for all’.

Bartlett’s documentary probes the role of technology in the election campaign of US President Donald Trump. Nix is one of the many people he interviews. Though Nix says nothing about the operations of Cambridge Analytica in India and talks about only the Trump campaign, the Congress poster on the wall behind him looks like proud showcasing of a big client.

We always knew that the Gandhi dynasty (as termed by the Congress shehzada) never liked India and they always preferred anything foreign over Indian now it’s just proved with this scam.

There is nothing that Congress can’t divide.  Nehru was self-centered enough to divide this country for a  self-motive. When Ambedkar implemented reservation it was for 10 years period. Indira Gandhi continued and made it the system for Votes.
This gives goose-bumps not only to Congress but also to Indian journalists who sold their conscience to Rahul Gandhi and his friends in Cambridge Analytica. Poor fellows must be busy spinning stories that you have been ‘hired’ to ‘defame them’!

Trying to divide the people by using the tactics of religion, caste… etc. and the people they do not know what they are actually loosing. If this continues nothing will be left behind. So the ultimate one solution for all these would be Congress mukth Bharat.

Source: Economic Times