No place for Rahul Gandhi in Maha ghat bandhan? After Mamata Banerjee, Mayawati, now K Chandrashekhar Rao revolts against Rahul Gandhi!

Just minutes after KCR resigned as the Chief Minister of Telangana and dissolved the government, he held a press meet in which he was speaking about his future elections strategies.

It was well known that KCR was a prominent person who projected himself as the part of Maha ghatbandhan the Congress seems to be planning for the upcoming 2019 elections. But off late, KCR seems to have distanced himself from the ghat bandhan and is trying to build his own strategy for 2019 elections. This was quite apparent when he skipped H D Kumarswamy oath ceremony.

There was a visible trust deficit amongst each other and regional party heads almost neglected to acknowledge Rahul Gandhi. K Chandrashekhar Rao, Chandrababu Naidu, Mayawati and Mamata Banerjee who are aspiring to be the next Prime Ministerial candidates do not want to endorse Rahul Gandhi as their leader because of his incapability and childish nature.

But, for the first time ever, K Chandrashakhar Rao has made an open revolt against Rahul Gandhi and Congress. During his press meet yesterday, when KCR was asked about their tie up with Congress in the upcoming elections, he said that Congress was the biggest enemy of Telangana and there was no question of tying up with them. KCR using very strong words called the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Biggest Buffoon of the country!

“Everyone knows what Rahul Gandhi is…the biggest buffoon in the country. The whole country has seen how he went to Narendra Modi and hugged him, the way he is winking. The more he comes (to Telangana) the more seats we will win,” Rao said.

Continuing his blistering attack on the Congress chief, Rao said  “Rahul Gandhi inherited the legacy of Congress Delhi sultanate, he is the legal heir of Congress empire of Delhi. That is the reason I appeal to the people, let us not become slaves to Congress, slaves to Delhi.”

Terming Rahul Gandhi as Sultanate and legal heir of Congress empire in Delhi, he said we should not become slaves of Congress and Telangana’s decision should happen in Telangana and not in Delhi.

Rao’s strong words has now posed serious doubts on whether the opposition party will go ahead with a Maha Ghat Bandhan plan for the 2019 elections or will they seek opportunity in which ever party wins the elections. It is well known strategy of KCR and Chandra Babu Naidu who want to keep their options open with both Congress and BJP and then strike a big deal with the party that wins elections.

We have seen how Chandra Babu Naidu used the Modi wave and allied with BJP just before the 2014 elections and then suddenly broke up the alliance for his political benefits in the name of special package. But this was nothing less than an opportunism to gain sympathy just before the elections.

But now the biggest question is will all the regional parties abandon Rahul Gandhi and Congress in Ghat Bandhan? It was first Mamata Banerjee who posed apprehensions about Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, next it was Mayawati and now it is Chandrashakhar Rao who is openly revolting against Congress. If the trend continues, it is pretty sure that Ghat Bandhan will have no face of united leadership and it may soon end up with a major split with internal fights for PM post and power.

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