Rahul Gandhi stoops to new low!!! Here’s how he politicized Atal Ji’s health condition in order to attack PM Modi

The Congress President crosses the line! Rahul Gandhi uses the former Prime Minister as a Prop to slam BJP!! Here comes a new low in politics or should I say Congress? Rahul Gandhi claims he was the first to visit our former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee while in hospital!

Rahul stoops the new low in Politics. By doing so, he has only shown his true intent was only to score a political point but not with any concern for Vajpayee. I do not need to stress on it but this is very immature on part of a Congress President.

‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee fought against Congress, yet we were the first one to visit him’, says Congress President Rahul Gandhi

The Grand old party President Brags about visiting AIIMS first before the BJP leaders. Rahul’s politics over honourable Vajpayee has proved his level of intent in politics.

What does he mean he was the first person to meet Vajpayee? Isn’t this his duty? Is this something to announce on the mike for the nation to hear? Isn’t it a shame that Rahul has turned the former PM’s illness to a political stunt? Was his visit to the hospital a pure political tool?

‘PM Modi may also run away’, says Congress President Rahul Gandhi

What is this guy ranting about? Should not there be some level of common sense when he speaks? Seriously he needs treatment! He made a visit to the hospital or not, this matter is not something to show off about. Our nations former Prime Minister is in a serious condition and this man is boasting that he visited the hospital first? And you call him mature?

Source: Times Now

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