Did Rahul Gandhi team up with Chinese government to defeat Modi? Why did he visit Chinese Ambassador?

Narendra Modi is fighting diplomatic battle with China, Armed Forces face off with China at Sikkim Border to safeguard Bhutan sovereignty but Rahul Gandhi meets Chinese Ambassador at Embassy without keeping Ministry of External Affairs on loop. This is an unforgiving behavior and an attempt to malign and dilute India’s attempt to build pressure on China.

The first question is, who is Rahul Gandhi to meet Chinese officials at Embassy ? Is he Government an official, what positiom he holds to meet the Chinese officials and what is his agenda?

Things are getting clearer day by day and anyone can sniff Congress hand in an attempt to pull down India and Government. 

Amid Sino-India Border standoff at Doklam area of Chumbi Valley, Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui met Congress VP Rahul Gandhi. According to Chinese embassy sources, China envoy & Rahul Gandhi exchanged views on current Sino-Indian relations; meeting took place on Saturday. 

Just few months back similar situation occurred when Manishankar Iyer in his capacity met with Pakistani Officials and requested to dethrone Narendra Modi Government. 

Since then everyone knows what is happening in India. Train accidents,  terrorist attacks in Kashmir and various propaganda campaigns like “Intolerance” and “Not In My Name” campaign are staged to create a false perception of unrest and creating a chaos to malign India. 

Everyone knows Politics, but there is a very thin line in doing politics and betraying nation. Just to dilute Narendra Modi and put Government under pressure, you can’t exchange talks with country’s enemy like Pakistan and China. 

It is clearly visible, the divided house and opposition is not even in the mood to stand united with country as it is going an extra mile in shaming the nation and there by making the biggest blunder. 

It is not new to Congress, it is the same Congress whose founding father Jawahar Lal Nehru started the slogan Hindi – Chini Bhai Bhai and there by stopped manufacturing of arms and ammunition and gave reason that there is no necessity of having huge Indian Army. Before 1962 Indian Government even called back their border troops from China border projecting that India is peace loving country and don’t want border battles. By using the opportunity China attacked India and when China was in war then also Nehru never allowed Indian Airforce to battle with China. Indian Army was forced to accept the death bed and till now it is a black spot. 

War of 1962 was just over but shameless attitude of Indian Government at that time was so high that In 1963 they say the United Nation that India will not be obstructing Chinese attempt for permanent seat in United Nation. 

Above is the news article of that time when Sister of JL Nehru, Vijay Laxmi Pandit advocated for it. 

History gives the path for future and Congress has followed the path quite well. The fact that sister of Sonia Gandhi handles all the money of Gandhi Dynasty. She lives in Italy and have multiple bank accounts in China is also present in public domain and is exposed by Subramaniyam Swamy many times. 

One incident also confirmed that China is obstructing India’s quest for NSG membership. Globally there is a perception that China is obstructing openly Indian attempt to be in NSG because of its ally Pakistan but it is more than that. Congress is communication channel between two Nations.

Just recall, when last year NSG meet 5 member Chinese delegation visited Delhi, they met Rahul Gandhi  and right after that Manjishankar Iyer started giving statement that NSG won’t happen though media hype was on top after the Obama’s statement. 

Since 2014, Congress is using all it’s might and sleeper cells in various field to create unrest but now it’s matter of time when 125 crore people will learn about sins of Congress. It’s a dangerous game of betrayal against the nation in a grudge against one man-Narendra Modi.

Chinese embassy later removes the statement from its website

Abhishek Kumar