Rahul Gandhi is a traitor; Read how twitterati trolled the “Youth Icon” for betraying Indians

Once again Rahul Gandhi has proved that he is dangerous to the integrity of the nation. But it is another fact that no one takes him so seriously.

Youth icon of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi met the Chinese ambassador to India even though the situation is very tense in the border. What is hilarious is that, when news emerged in channels that Rahul Gandhi met Chinese Ambassador, Congress party denied it.

Congress is known for U-turn and it didn’t disappoint its fans even today. Today morning Congress denied of Rahul Gandhi meeting Chinese ambassador but later Surjewala said that Rahul met Chinese envoy to discuss on certain key issues. Every Indian knows that he won’t discuss any issue that will benefit India. Instead he will create more harm to India.

Everyone thought that Rahul Gandhi is in charge of impressing Indian citizens to vote for Congress. But he created sensation in the Indian politics, when he was successful in convincing Lord Shiva, Guru Nanak and various other “gods” to join Congress party.

Usually, people will be sad when it is Monday as they have to do their boring office jobs. But Rahul Gandhi, being a youth icon entertained everyone.

In Twitter #GaddarRaga was trending. Read how twitterati thanked Rahul Gandhi for entertaining them.