Rahul Gandhi tries to give report card on Modi government, forget BJP, check how his own party member trolls Rahul Gandhi!

Somehow, Rahul Gandhi, every time falls in his own trap. The moment he tries to troll PM Modi, he gets trolled himself and exposes himself even badly. Today as Modi government completes four years of successful governance, the entire social media was filled with tweets praising and congratulating him for his reforms.

As usual, Rahul Gandhi tried to mock PM Modi saying his reforms have been zero and gave a fail grade in all sections. There was no explanation for his fail grade, there was no statistical data provided, no numbers, figures but Rahul Gandhi had just tweeted assuming himself to be the headmaster.

This was more of an immature tweet of the Congress party president who always speaks without facts and figures. His tweet showed that he had no information on Modi government’s actual figures and numbers. This sort of tweet is more so tweeted by kids and naive people who cannot understand data and statistics. At least when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and criticized Congress government in Centre, he always made sure he attacked them with facts comparing it with his achievements.

But seems like Rahul Gandhi opposes for the sake of opposing and has absolutely no knowledge. His tweets have become a joke to those who want to mock him. His statements have no gravity which the President of Congress should have and is filled with shallow funny rhetoric.

Forget BJP, his own Congress members find it funny to endorse Rahul Gandhi and they are enough to troll him on social media. Shehzad Poonawala who is a very close aide of Rahul Gandhi family has trolled him on twitter which was definitely better than Rahul Gandhi.

Take a look as to how Congress member mocked Rahul Gandhi for his report card on PM Modi.

So, Rahul Gandhi should first check his own track record before he mocks others. This man who spent his entire life enjoying in Europe, Italy and XYZ countries, today suddenly thinks he is the most eligible candidate for PM post. This man who cannot even speak a sentence on his own, a person who doesn’t even have any information on the ground reality thinks he is most intelligent.

The arrogance and pride he displays is something which has embedded in the dynasty blood. He thinks no one can ever question him and they are superior to all. If not for the paid media hype, he cannot even gather 100 people for the leadership qualities he posses. Given the amount of training he gets, advises, lessons and assistance even a 10 year old kid would have become a leader.

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