Rahul Gandhi does it again! Visits temple in Karnataka after eating “Javari chicken”

The Congress has once again decided to play the “soft-Hindutva” or the “pseudo-Hindutva” card as the election is approaching in Karnataka, but at regular intervals this move has terribly backfired. Months ago, the Karnataka CM had to face the wrath of the Hindus for attending the Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple after consuming non-vegetarian food.

During his visit to Mangaluru, he had eaten fish during lunch and then paid a visit to Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple in Dharmasthala. When questioned about this, CM Siddaramaiah answered insensitively saying that there is nothing wrong in entering a temple after eating fish or non-vegetarian food.

After the Karnataka CM, now the Congress President Rahul Gandhi has repeated the same mistake of hurting the Hindus. The former CM of Karnataka and the state BJP president Mr BS Yeddyurappa alleged that Rahul Gandhi paid visit to the Narasimha Swamy temple after eating “Javari chicken” during his ongoing tour of northern parts of Karnataka state.

Mr BS Yeddyurappa tweeted on the micro-blogging site Twitter and exposed Rahul Gandhi!

  • At one side there is 10 per cent CM Siddaramaiah who took darshan of Dharmasthala Manjunatha after eating fish, on the other side there is Election Hindu Rahul Gandhi who took darshan of Narasimha swamy after eating Javari chicken
  • Why is Congress repeatedly hurting Hindu sentiments? Looking at everyone equally is Samajawad (socialism), your’s is majawad (enjoyment)

This tweet was made by BS Yeddyurappa after Rahul Gandhi visited the Kanakachala Laxmi-Narasimha temple which was built by a local chieftain around 500 years ago.

On Monday, the alleged Shivbhakt Rahul Gandhi said that “I like going to temples, wherever I get a religious place I go there. I feel good and feel happy, and I will continue (to go).

CM Siddaramaiah eats fish, enters Dharmasthala temple; Is it controversial?
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah eating fish at lunch before going to the Lord Manjunatha Swamy temple in 2017

As soon as Rahul Gandhi stepped into Karnataka, the former CM of Karnataka mocked the Congress president by saying “I heartily welcome Election Hindu Rahul Gandhi to Ballari. The Congress President will fulfill our dream of a Congress Mukt Karnataka”.

Watch!!! BS Yeddyurappa slams Rahul Gandhi for visiting temple after eating fish

Rahul Gandhi has once again proved that the Congress neither values the Hindu sentiments nor follows the Hindu principles. It just dons the coat of Hinduism at the times of election with intention of misguiding the Hindu voters who are in favour of BJP.

In an interview given by Shashi Tharoor, he says, “I want to resist the hijacking of Hinduism by Hindutva”. It should be noted that he wrote a book titled “Why I am a Hindu”. This clearly symbolizes that Congress is slowly making an attempt to portray that it is a Hindutva party.

“Now when the book comes out in Hindi and Malayalam and Telugu and Bengali, then we will really see whether this book can have an impact comparable to that of the RSS pracharak. Perhaps it won’t. But even if I can reach a small segment of Hindus and give them confidence in their own faith, I will have, I hope, made a contribution to resisting the takeover, the hijacking of Hinduism by forces inimical to its very essence”, said Shashi Tharoor in an interview.