Is Rahul Gandhi the weakest ever leader in Congress Party? Why half a dozen Congress MLAs from Gujarat joined BJP?

Rahul Gandhi is a failure in all the aspects of his political career. PM Modi, a man from humble background is destroying the Nehru dynasty but a “youth icon” from the Nehru family has become a liability to his own party. Yes, Rahul Gandhi who is known for his back to back failures in elections and logic less statements has proved once again that he cannot handle Indian politics. He has pushed Congress to a position, from where it’s impossible to revive it.

In just 24 hours, 7 Gujarat MLAs have joined PM Modi led BJP. The only reason they gave was that they were not satisfied with the central leadership.

What else can be expected, when a party is led by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi? It was not even a week since Mr Vaghela quit the part. The Congress never respected the leaders who had a vision and mission to drive the nation on the track of progress. Congress only supported the leaders who had the calibre of carrying out series of scams.

BJP on the verge of achieving Congress Mukt Gujarat?

The nation was in an illusion that BJP is losing its control over Gujarat’s politics; all thanks to the pseudo seculars present in the media. But the recent development has shocked everyone. MLA Ramsinh Parmar, Mansingh Chouhan and Chhanabhai Chaudhary resigned from Congress and joined BJP on Friday. Adding to the woes of Congress, three more MLAs – Balwantsinh Rajput (Sidhpur), Tejashree Patel (Viramgam) and Prahlad Patel (Vijapur) – quit the party to join the BJP.

Eight MLAs of the Congress party had voted in favour of NDA’s Ram Nath Kovind in the presidential election. Sources say that at least 20 more Congress MLA’s are waiting to join BJP. This is a big move because Congress leaders are seen in rally saying that anti-Modi wave is slowly rising. But this proved out to be a bluff when its own MLAs embraced Modi’s developmental policy.

Why Rahul Gandhi is unfit to be a politician?

Firstly, he lacks basic ethics to be a leader. Let us take a fresh example when he compared Indian PM Modi with Adolf Hitler. Modi is a messenger of democracy and Hitler was a dictator. So how can Rahul equate PM Modi with Hitler? Dr Subramanian Swamy shut his mouth by saying that his grandfather was in the army of Hitler.

Secondly, Rahul has consistently insulted honest leaders of its own party. Even Ambika Soni has stepped back from her position. In Karnataka, former CM SM Krishna too joined BJP; this may prove fatal to Congress as Karnataka will face election in 2018.

Congress is gradually slipping to its all time low but Rahul Gandhi isn’t making any efforts to bind all its top leaders.

Do the Indians-who are known for their hard work-need a leader like Rahul Gandhi who hardly works?

Nishika Ram