Rahul Gandhi went to Italy to allegedly surprise his grandmother! But something terrible is waiting for him when he returns to India

On March 1st, Rahul Gandhi said “My Nani is 93. She’s the kindest soul ever. This Holi weekend, I’m going to surprise her! I can’t wait to give her a hug. Happy Holi to all of you. Have a joyful celebration”.

At regular intervals, Rahul Gandhi travelled to Italy to surprise his Italian grandmother Paola Maino, even though he hadn’t posted any pictures with her. On March 1st, he again set out his voyage to Italy but this visit sparked controversy because how can a Shiv-Bhakt leave his fan followers when its time for Holi celebrations? This exposed his pseudo-Hinduism. Few even speculated that he had visited Italy to vote in the Italian General Elections which will be held in March 4th.

But whatever may be the speculations, Rahul Gandhi will witness a terrible shock, perhaps the most brutal shock of his lifetime. Ever since he became the president of the Congress party, his century old party has lost in back to back 5 state assembly elections. The new additions are the states- Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

Zero in Tripura, Zero in Nagaland! This is the new Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi!

Yes, the seats won/leading by the Rahul Gandhi led Congress is “zero”. This shows that even the Christian dominated states have now started to dump the communal party of Rahul Gandhi. In Tripura, BJP and alliance is surging ahead by leading in 40 seats, the ruling CPM has been corned as it is leading in only 19 seats. But the Congress has failed to even secure even a single seat.

In Nagaland, BJP alliance is leading and will establish its government with ease. Even in this state, the achievement of Congress is “zero”. By this, BJP has established its governance in 20 seats. If BJP forms the government even in Meghalaya, then it establishes its rule in 21 states. Now, none of the parties have been able to cross the majority mark.

Congress heavyweights, Ahmed Patel and Kamal Nath have rushed to Meghalaya in order to convince other small parties to merge with them. But it is interesting to see BJP President Amit Shah will cast his spell like he did in Goa last year. Don’t forget that Ahmed Patel and Kamal Nath are the once whom Rahul Gandhi doesn’t like to have around.

Congress has been in power for over the last 10 years in Meghalaya, BJP did not even open its account in 2013. This time, BJP seems like framed its strategy right and executed it well.

Now, the only weapon of Rahul Gandhi is to blame on the EVMs. Yes, whenever the Congress tasted defeat from the hands of the public, the only weapon it had was to blame the EVMs. Even this time, this strategy might be adopted.

Even the church had teamed up with the Congress to prevent BJP from attaining the power. But the Christians have upheld the core values of the constitution by not falling into the trap of Congress and Church!

  • 2 Minutes silence for Church and group of clerics who issued manifesto warning Muslims and Christians for voting BJP. Nagaland Baptist Church and its Council are in coma who asked believers to choose between Trishul and Cross. People set the example of Democracy in Nagaland Election 2018.

Hansika Raj