Rahul Gandhi who went missing after the Karnataka verdict has been finally traced! Do you know what he said about PM Modi?

People are not worried about BJP losing. But Congress and JDS cannot win either. The Congress that is congratulating Karnataka today, you shouldn’t do that because the people of Karnataka are not happy with this. It is the victory of the Dynasty family alone.

Without any doubt in mind, I can say when its politics in other mean nobody plays better politics than the Congress. Well, we all need to agree that today, don’t we?

BJP and BS Yeddyurappa have quit and henceforth it will be Congress and JDS combination in Karnataka. While all this is happening, of all a sudden the President of Congress pops out from his kennel and supports his party! Can someone let me know, where he had been all these days, when all this chaos was happening?

Rahul wasn’t there for counting, not there when Cong didn’t get numbers, not there when cadre morale was down, not there when Cong negotiated with JDS, is now there to claim victory. What a shame. No matter wht ppl like DKS do, “victory” belongs to Pappu and the loss to others

Rich irony is Rahul Gandhi at press lecturing on the importance of respecting democratic institutions which his family has been in forefront of subverting- suspending Constitution (1975), overturning Supreme Court order on Shah Bano (1986), imposing president’s rule over 70 times. It was the same Rahul Gandhi who compared the democracy to Pakistan. And now he is talking about respecting it?

Whole world knows about the flip of tongue this dynasty family maintains. And nobody takes him seriously, not even their own party members, that the reason he had kept distance from all these high drama events. So why take his words seriously? Let them have fun until 6 more months, the elections are to occur again in 2019.

What is he saying about PM Modi? This is the PM who has provided a scam less govt. If he puts such an allegation, the people will say he has lost his mind: Ananth Kumar, BJP on Rahul Gandhi’s statement, ‘PM is corruption.

Even though he may have been behind the scenes, one has to admit that the Karnataka Floor test was a test and hence, this victory is bagged by Congress and JDS with every crooked plan. Negotiations and post-poll management is an important part of politics, Congress never knew all these legal way of playing politics and can never learn it either.

I am literally pleased to see that for the next five years some Kannadiga’s will be ruled by the JDS and the Congress dynasty, those who got the lowest number of seats in the election. It’s probably the punishment they deserve for not voting for BJP or not voting at all. This would be a lesson for future decisions.

Time will play its game and tell who played well and who got played….Real match is yet to be held is 2019 and we cannot make any comments on the shelf life of this combined government of Congress and JDS.