Rahul Gandhi will lose his sleep after hearing to the challenge put up by Smriti Irani! Will Rahul Gandhi take up the challenge or run away to save himself?

It seems like the challenge and dare season in the politics is at full swing. From challenging each other on political matters to personal matter, the challenges are making rounds all over the internet. Few days ago Congress President challenged PM to debate with him for 15 minutes in Parliament. He said “Give me 15 minutes for speaking in Parliament , I will grill you on Rafael deal and Nirav Modi issues and you will not be able to speak in front of me”.

Replying to his challenge at an election rally in Karnataka, PM Modi had also thrown challenge in front of  the Congress President and said “Come on first speak for 15 minutes about your achievements and leadership without reading from paperand also asked him to pronounce “Vishveshvarya” atleast five times.The challenge however remain unfulfilled.

After that the new challenge which started breaking the internet was fitness challenge thrown by our Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, which later took the political angle when PM Modi accepted the challenge by Indian Cricket Team Captain, Virat Kohli and the Congress President started taunting on him  and throws another challenge  “ Fuel Challenge” in front of him.

Now the latest entry in this challenge game is the challenge that is thrown by Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani to Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Yesterday the lady leader has challenged Congress President Rahul Gandhi for an open debate with any of the BJP leader of his choice, including party’s supremo Amit Shah.

The powerful lady leader further said that her party welcomes Congress President to come forward to speak in Parliament. He is free to voice his opinions. Even PM  Narendra Modi himself has said “Rahul Gandhi should come forward and speak on any issue. He can speak in Parliament or in front of us”she said  on being asked by reporters about the Congress chief’s attacks on PM Modi on various issues through tweets.

The leader even dared the Congress President that if he is not comfortable in speaking in Parliament, he can come on television and can have debate with any of our leader or with our party president Amit Shah.

The leader provided Congress President with the full freedom to exercise his choice for debate. She said wherever he wants, with whomsoever he wants we are ready for debate with him. She also provided him the option that he can debate with our party workers also.

The leader said there is only just one condition for Congress President  that he has to abide while debate, that is he doesn’t carry a book or a piece of paper with him.

Few days ago, the leader has also mocked the Congress claims of coming back to power in 2019. She said Congress lost every assembly seat and every local election in Amethi in the past four years and its president Rahul Gandhi will not be able to win the seat in the general elections next year.

The leader attacking on Congress party said that the Congress is “frustrated”, as the family which was at the helm of affairs for the past 60 years, has been losing every election over the last four years.Questioning chances of Rahul Gandhi for coming in power she said “ What could be his chances of coming to power at the Centre when he is guaranteed to lose election in his own constituency?”

Now it’s worth to watch, Will the Congress President, who is out of the country enjoying his vacations accept the challenge of the leader and come forward or not? The Congress President has always made complaint of his not getting chance to speak, but I think now he is provided with the ample chances by opposition to come forward and speak. It’s his time to come out of the shed in which he is hiding himself by putting unnecessary blames on others and prove his mettle.

Source :OneIndia