Rahul Gandhi, you don’t lie; We work for India, not any party! Here’s how Dassault Aviation CEO ripped apart Rahul Gandhi

It has been a hobby for Rahul Gandhi to lie and get slammed front of the entire lie. The Congress president has various lies in his kitty. At times he comes up with fresh and innovative lies at every election rallies and at some other time he uses the his favorite lie in the belief that people will think it as truth.

But this time, Rahul Gandhi’s habitual lie has caused him severe embarrassment in the global platform. We all know how obsessed is Rahul Gandhi when it comes to the game changer Rafale deal. Every Morning, noon and night he shouts “Rafale Rafale Rafale”.

In the same spirit, Rahul Gandhi on November 2nd had lied that “Dassault invested Rs 284 crore in a loss-making company promoted by Anil Ambani which was used to procure land in Nagpur. It is clear the Dassault CEO is lying.If an inquiry starts on this Modi is not going to survive it. Guaranteed”.

Yes, riding on the ‘Rafale Lie” Rahul Gandhi had said that there is a bigger scandal in Rafale deal and if an investigation is carried out them even the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi would go to jail. There is a saying that of a man is suffering from jaundice then he would find the entire surrounding yellow. The same is happening with Rahul Gandhi. He is out on bail, that’s why he finds everyone as thiefs or scamsters.

But now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dassault Aviation, Eric Trappier, has busted the lies of Rahul Gandhi on his previous statement saying “I don’t lie. The truth I declared before and the statements I made are true. I don’t have a reputation of lying. In my position as CEO, you don’t lie”.

Yes, the Dassault Aviation CEO called habitual liar Rahul Gandhi as liar. Probably this will take lot of time for Rahul Gandhi to recover from this international embarrassment. Eric Trappier stated that his firm don’t work for a particular party saying “We have a long experience with the Congress party. Our first deal was with India in 1953 with Nehru and other Prime Ministers. We have been working with India. We are not working for any party. We are supplying strategic products like fighters to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Government. That is what is most important”.

Clearing the rumors of an alleged scam with Anil Ambani’s Relaince, Eric Trappier stated that “We are not putting the money in Reliance. The money is going into the JV. I put my know-how free of charge on how to produce people. I have engineers and workers from Dassault who are taking the lead as far as the industrial part of this deal is concerned. At the same time, I have an Indian company like Reliance who is putting money into this JV as they want to develop their country. So the company is going to know how to produce aircraft”.

Somewhere Rahul Gandhi had said that repeat a lie thousand times to make it a truth. But Rahul Gandhi even failed at it. If few still think he can lead India as a Prime Minister, them it is time to say that India is not a farm house of one dynasty but the motherland of millions of hard working Indians.

Hansika Raj