Rahul Gandhi, you said Congress respects senior politician Atal Ji! But have you forgotten what your mother did to the 4 senior Congress leaders in the past?

Yesterday, the Congress President Rahul Gandhi stated “Vajpayee ji is ill, who went first? I went to meet him at the hospital. Though he fought against us, Vajpayee ji worked for nation building”.

This was not just a new low hit by the 47 year old youth icon, but was also a exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright by a failed politician. Yes, Rahul Gandhi never met the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji in the hospital and this was revealed by none other than the AIIMS doctors.

The doctors revealed that it was before hand announced that none of the politicians should visit Atal Ji until he gets well. Despite this, Rahul Gandhi ran in to the hospital. But had to face disappointment as he was sent back without giving a chance to meet Atal Ji due to precautionary measures.

But as soon as Rahul Gandhi came out, he started giving lectureres of deceny to the BJP. He stated “We had contested against Vajpayee ji, but when he is ill now I went to meet him on priority because I am a soldier of Congress. Vajpayee ji had worked for our country and we respect him as he was the PM. This is our culture”.

Forget respecting political rivals, Rahul Gandhi’s party didn’t even respect the leaders within their own party. Let’s have a subtle dig at the Congress party’s history of insulting senior leaders, who weren’t power hungry.

Firstly let us begin with how Atal Ji, who is allegedly respected by Rahul Gandhi, was insulted by Sonia Gandhi!

  • Sonia Gandhi has a history of abusing her political rivals. Her hateful choice of words against PM Narendra Modi is known to all. But did you know that she had called Atal Ji as “Gaddar” (Traitor) two decades ago?
  • Yes, in a rally that was held in Ujjain in the year 1999, Sonia Gandhi abused the then Prime Minister of the country, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayeee, a ‘Gaddar’ or traitor. At that time, PM Narendra Modi was the then General Secretary of the BJP and he had condemned this statement of Sonia Gandhi and demanded a public apology.
  • Even in 2002, Sonia Gandhi had made a verbal assault again Atal ji stating that he lost his mental balance. She also said “BJP is a communal party and the mask of the prime minister of trying to project a secular image is totally exposed and gone”.

Top 4 Congress leaders who were insulted by Sonia Gandhi and her team!

  • Rahul Gandhi, what happened to Sitaram Kesari, who was the Congress president prior to Sonia Gandhi?

Sonia Gandhi recently stepped down from the Congress party’s president post which she held for two decades only to hand it over to her son. But did you know that a “game of throne” had taken place so that Sonia Gandhi could be installed as the next president of Congress in 1998?

When the election for the post of Congress president was taking place, the Congress party had “locked its constitutionally elected president Sitaram Kesri in the bathroom”. In March 1998 the then Congress president Sitaram Kesri was kept locked in the bathroom by some Congress workers till Ms Gandhi’s election as the party president was ratified at the CWC meeting. This was said by the current defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman in 2014.

Do you know how Sonia Gandhi insulted PV Narasimha Rao?

Very few know that it was not Mr Manmohan Singh but the then PM PV Narasimha Rao who had saved India from the great economical depression. But Mr Rao had faced a very pathetic end and all credit goes to Sonia Gandhi.

On 23 December 2004 Mr Rao died after suffering a cardiac arrest and his son Prabhakar wanted to perform his cremation at Delhi as it was his “karmabhoomi”, but the Congress leaders said no to it. Instead, they asked to take his body back and cremate him in Hyderabad.

While Mr Rao’s son Prabhakar literally begged and requested Dr Manmohan Singh to convince his cabinet members to let cremation happen in Delhi, Sonia Gandhi was just watching this and did not even utter a word. But now her son Rahul Gandhi speaks of respecting senior leaders. We must appreciate his hypocrisy.

This will bring tears in your eyes, stay dogs were pulling and eating his half-burnt body:

Even in Hyderabad, hardly any Congress leaders paid visit to the final rituals, fearing political backlashes. His half-burnt body was left lying on the pyre while the flames died down. There was none to care to ensure that the body was completely reduced to ashes. Stray dogs were pulling and eating his half-burned body. Only after some passers-by spotted that his half burnt body was lying there did they inform officials in Hyderabad, who came and ensured complete cremation.

How Sonia Gandhi insulted PV Narasimha Rao even in his death will bring tears and make your blood boil

Why Natwar Singh, the diplomat who worked in the Indian Foreign Service for three decades, was hurt and angry at Sonia Gandhi?

In 1966, Natwar Singh was posted to the Prime Minister’s secretariat under Indira Gandhi and since then he was very close to the Gandhi family. He was even the External Affairs minister in Manmohan Singh’s UPA-1 government, which was controlled by Sonia Gandhi. But in just one year he was dropped from the party.

Hurt by this, Natwar Singh exposed Sonia Gandhi in his auto biography. He even said that central agencies were snooping on him and Sonia Gandhi was aware of this.

The recent example of how Congress insulted its senior leader was how it boycotted Pranab Mukherjee!

Gratitude is not the cup of tea of the Congress party. From 2004 to 2014 Pranab Mukherjee should have been India’s Prime Minister but we all know Congress doesn’t opt eligible candidates. Recently Pranab Mukherjee visited RSS headquarters and immediately Sonia Gandhi ordered to attack the former president.

Congress is trying to win Dalit votes, but did you know that father of Indian constitution Dr BR Ambedkar was insulted by the Congress party’s Nehru?

  • The hate level of Nehru on Dr Ambedkar was at the peek after India got Independence. Iron man Sardar Patel and Dr Ambedkar would have been the President of Congress party after Independence but it was prevented by Nehru’s greed for power.
  • The first Lok Sabha poll of Independent India was spread over five months, between October 1951 and February 1952. Nehru did not give a ticket to Dr Ambedkar in the first Lok Sabha elections, so he contested from his party Scheduled Caste Federation from the Bombay constituency. Dr Ambedkar had to taste defeat just because of the Congress party. Dr BR Ambedkar lost in Bombay (reserved seat) as he was defeated by Congress` NS Kajrolkar.
  • He was again defeated in his second attempt to enter the Lok Sabha through a 1954 by-election from Bhandara constituency.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, is this your way of treating senior Congress leaders? From your great grand father to your mother, each and every dynasts from Congress have insulted hardworking leaders. So Rahul Gandhi doesn’t even have an iota of morality to attack the BJP on it. Let Rahul Gandhi follow what he preaches.

Source: DNA India

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