Rahul Gandhi’s another lie busted! He never met former PM Atal Ji in the hospital as the doctors sent him back; The doctors are even angry at Rahul, do you know why?

It is well known that the Congress Party and its President Rahul Gandhi’s each and every move is based on self-interest. There is no iota of doubt in this. Yesterday was nothing different from it. The Congress President with the evil intentions of attacking the opposition and gaining political mileage went to AIIMS to enquire about the health of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and after sometime, as planned he came out bragging that he is the one who went first to meet him at the hospital.

The Congress President boasted at the rally in Mumbai “Vajpayee Ji is ill, who went first? I went to meet him at the hospital. Though he fought against us, Vajpayee Ji worked for nation building”.

Whatever more shocking is, that he even doesn’t follow the instructions given by the doctors and went on further just for his self-interest. The sources at the AIIMS has informed to Republic TV that when Rahul Gandhi called up AIIMS doctors regarding visiting former Prime Minister Vajpayee, he was told to come post 7:30 pm since former PM was undergoing some tests. But the Congress President came against the advice of the doctors on duty and tried to visit Vajpayee to which the doctors opposed, and hence Rahul Gandhi returned back.

The Congress President hasn’t even met former Prime Minister Vajpayee and was bragging just to let the BJP leaders and PM Modi down when in reality the other minister followed the instructions of doctors. They didn’t play with the health of former PM and politicized the matter as Rahul Gandhi did.

Even the Congress president is also slammed by the AIIMS on politicising the matter related to the health of someone. Sources within AIIMS have questioned the Congress President Rahul Gandhi and asked, ‘Why should anyone’s health be a subject for politics?’

“Vajpayee ji is improving and his infection is getting under control. What has happened over the past 2 days is unfortunate, and it seems the situation was used to politicise by a few. Why should anyone’s health be a subject for politics? This is really sad.

The family had expressed gratitude for the good wishes of Congress President and had requested visits by Netas to be postponed to a better time till Vajpayee Ji recovers. Inspite of this, Rahul Gandhi visited AIIMS”.

The Congress President crossed all the limits yesterday. He stooped so low that he politicised the matter of former Prime Minister’s health for achieving political gains. He is not at all concerned with the health of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee but was actually targeting at how he can convert this opportunity into his favour.

This is shameful!!!. This is not the first time by Congress party. Days before, they were trying to turn death anniversary of former Congress leader and Deputy Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Late Shri Subash Yadav to an Election Campaign.

Congress party has always indulged in such sort of dramas and has fooled people by spreading false narratives. The people who have still blindfolded their eyes should open it and see what the Congress party is really upto. They are never concerned about anything or anyone. Anyone’s health, sorrow, happiness is a matter for this party to play politics upon, nothing else. They never believe in the advancement of nation but their own advancement.

Source : Republic World