Rahul Gandhi’s another lie exposed! Documents reveal that the Modi govt finalised the Rafale deal at a lower bid than the UPA

Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale Lie exposed!! The Rafale deal controversy has been exposed. Now, what Mr.Congress President??

The Rafale papers which prove that the UPA government had decided on a deal which was more pricier than what PM Modi led NDA government agreed upon have been exposed to the nation. What has Rahul Gandhi got to answer now?

The 36 Rafale jets under Modi government cost Rs 1646 crore per unit, while under the UPA government it cost Rs 1705 crore per unit, which is Rs 59 crore costlier than the NDA deal. Furthermore, the NDA got the deal with enhancements.

The paper signifies that the NDA saved Rs 59 crore per plane with enhancements and saves Rs 255 crore per plane without enhancements.

Rahul Gandhi your lies are being exposed again on Rafale Deal ! BJP saved 25 crore per plane! Dishonesty of INC India can never take on Honesty! Congress Rafale Lie exposed!

Rahul Gandhi has been repeatedly attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman over the much debated Rafale deal, alleging that the latter has misled the country in revealing the pricing of the aircraft. What has he got to say now? What will he answer the nation now? The congress President has been exposed along with proof!

Addressing a press conference, Congress leader and former defence minister A. K. Antony had said that he had revealed the prices of many defence contracts in the Parliament because under the constitution, the government cannot deny revealing the prices as they are scrutinised at various levels.

He also stated that the Rafale aircraft was selected after considering many companies in December 2012 and that the price for each aircraft was settled, adding that a tender for 126 Rafale aircrafts were issued.

“There is no transfer of technology in this new deal, so it doesn’t substantiate the rise in price of aircraft’s. When there is no secret deal that prevents revealing the prices, how can they keep it a secret?” Anthony said.

Rahul Gandhi raised the Rafale deal before the Gujarat elections, the Karnataka elections and he tried to raise it ahead of 2019. With the critical documents proving a better deal under the NDA, will Rahul Gandhi admit he politicised a defence deal for electoral gain? Another perceived suspicion by the Congress suffering from the psychological problem ‘others are also like us’ wasting common man’s money in Corrupt decisions for their Self motive. How long should we entertain this non-nonsensical psychological problems of the Congress?

In their over enthusiasm, did the Opposition jump the gun in their insinuations about the Rafale deal being a ‘scam’? Should they be held accountable about their claims now that the truth is out in black and white?

Source: Republic World



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