Rahul Gandhi’s Chinese Links! While going on Manasrovar Yatra via China, Rahul Gandhi wants a send-off from the Chinese Ambassador

Rahul Gandhi has landed in one more sensational controversy after the BJP spokesperson revealed that Rahul Gandhi wanted the Chinese to see him off for his Manasrovar Yatra.

After a lot of dramas, its reported that Rahul Gandhi is all set to undertake a 12-day pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar on a journey on foot via China. There is no problem if the alleged Shiv Bhakt goes on a Mansarovar yatra but the problem is that this Shiv Bhakt wants the Chinese to give him a send-off program.

Yes, the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra made this sensational revelation. He said “Rahul Gandhi will go to Nepal and then China” for the pilgrimage.

“He wanted the Chinese ambassador to see him off. The Chinese ambassador wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) asking for three passes to use the airport lounge so that a ceremonial send-off could be given to see off Rahul Gandhi” added Sambit Patra.

By saying this, Sambit Patra exposed the nexus of Rahul Gandhi and the Chinese. Even while the Indian soldiers were breaking the ego of the Chinese by not stepping back even an inch from the Doklam borders, Rahul Gandhi had secretly met the Chinese envoys. Later on it was even revealed that the not just this youth icon but even his sister Priyanka Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra had a private meet with the Chinese.

Rahul Gandhi or Chinese Gandhi? Why does this youth icon want the Chinese to give him a send-off?

Intensifying the attack on Rahul Gandhi, the BJP spokesperson attacked him saying “You are Rahul Gandhi not Chinese Gandhi. Why should the Chinese ambassador come see you off? There is no such protocol. Why such a demand from the Chinese envoy?

Dr Patra even said “Three permanent passes are with every envoy. Did they use it? Why did the Chinese ambassador want to see off a non-Chinese resident? Why see off an Indian resident? Rather than having an Indian perspective, Rahul Ji always want to have a Chinese perspective”.

Indicating that there is a special link between the Gandhi family and the Chinese, Dr Patra said “There is a history also. Isn’t it true that in 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, the whole Gandhi family was invited. They arrived in China for the opening ceremony. Sonia Gandhi was seated in an enclosure reserved for guests of the Chinese premier. When she attended and was coming back, the Chinese ambassador went to see them off though they didn’t hold any posts. What’s this relationship?”.

Now Rahul Gandhi must clarify why he wanted a special treatment from the Chinese? Thousands of Hindus go on Kailas Mansarovar yatra every year but no one demanded such treatments. But Rahul Gandhi’s demand has given rise to several speculations.

During the Karnataka assembly election, Rahul Gandhi had said that he would go on a Mansarovar Yatra but he never applied for it. There was no request sent by Rahul Gandhi to the MEA and this proved that Rahul Gandhi had tried to fool the Hindus for the sake of vote bank politics.

Source:Republic World

Hansika Raj


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