Rahul Gandhi’s close aide was the man who butchered cow publicly in Kerala.

Probably the congress party could not stoop much lower. After the central government issued a ban on cow slaughter couple days back, political parties like left and congress opposed the move just to appease their minority vote banks.
They could have opposed by protesting or could have held a debate on the issue. But no, the Kerala Congress members  brought an innocent cow, tied all it’s legs and butchered it publicly just to oppose Modi government.
The brutality could not have gone worst. Video, photos were taken and people celebrated on the dead animals body.It was a heartening scene to watch the innocent animal was killed just to prove a political point.
These demonic congress people are the same who had posed that they are great animal lovers when the police horse Shaktiman was injured during a clash last year.
They ran malicious campaign against BJP person and falsely accessed him of  hurting the horse. All the congress sponsored media channels made program on this 24/7 and dragged PM Modi also in the issue. The horse which was recovering suddenly died.
These same congress people including Rahul Gandhi called BJP people inhumane. But now these shameless people have butchered a cow in public which is against the Constitution of India.
The article 48 of the Indian constitution says that there is no permission to kill a cow or a calf in India. But the congress people have violated the Constitution by butchering the animal.
Rahul Gandhi who had posed himself as a great animal lover when shaktiman died, today ran away into hiding and distancing himself from the issue. When the controversy got bigger he tweeted a vague message without even using the word cow.
But it is more likely that the congress party of Kerala committed this brutal incident only after they received directions from the Congress President and Vice-President. So Rahul Gandhi did not want to condemn the killing of cow which is exactly why he distanced himself from the issue.
This is not the first time the Congress has supported such heinous crime. Many times before in Kerala and West Bengal cows have been slaughtered in public to deliberately hurt Hindus and appease minorities. This is also a same trick played by Congress and Rahul Gandhi. When congress can support Terrorists who butcher humans in the name of Jihad, killing innocent animals is just a child play and fun for these demons.
 All the media have maintained criminal silence on the issue. NDTV even went to the extent of twisting the entire story and spread fake news that Congress did not kill cow but killed a Buffalo to save the criminals. Looking at these circumstances we can clearly say that the horse Shaktiman probably did not die but it was killed by Congress people deliberately to score political point.

These shameless people can go to any extent to get few votes. No wonder they are called terror supporters and anti Nationals.

Aishwarya S