Rahul Gandhi’s close aide Sam Pitroda insults the 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims by saying “1984 Happened, So What?”

In a shocking incident, senior Congress leader and a close aide of Rahul Gandhi, Sam Pitroda has insulted the victims and kins of the 1984 anti-sikh riots by saying that “1984 Happened, So What?”.

He made this outrageous statement while responding on the BJP’s claim citing the Nanavati commission report that the instructions for the violence had come from late Rajiv Gandhi who had taken up the post of Prime Minister after his mother Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

Attacking the Nanavati commission report, Sam Pitroda stated “I don’t think so, this is also another lie, and what is with 1984? You speak about what happened in 5 years. It happened in 1984, so what? (1984 hua toh hua)”.

Even though attempts were made to suppress the investigations, several men who were leading the mob to kill Sikhs were convicted. Recently, senior Congress leader and former MP Sajjan Kumar was convicted by the court. Protects were held to arrest Jagadish Tyler and current Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath. Yet the Congress party doesn’t apologise for its past crimes, nor it promises to punish the culprits.

Several evidence prove that Congress party leaders were directly involved in the riot and even few of the Congress leaders have confessed it. Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh stated “I don’t know what Sam Pitroda has said, in what context he made it. But it is sad, it is a terrible thing, in fact, what happened. Nobody knows how many people were actually killed in that massacre that took place after the assassination of the Prime Minister” and named former Congress leaders Arjun Das, Lalit Maken, H. K. L. Bhagat (former Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the Rajiv Gandhi government), Sajjan Kumar (now convicted) and another ‘minister’ whom he did not name.

The former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had justified the anti-sikh riots by saying “When Indira’s assassination happened, there were riots in the country. We know that the hearts of the Indian people were full of anger and that for a few days people felt India was shaking. When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”.

Earlier the BJP had said “It’s on record of Nanavati Commission that probed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the biggest genocide of India in which the government killed its own citizens, that instructions to kill came directly from the then PM Rajiv Gandhi’s office. The country awaits justice for this karma”.