Rahul Gandhi’s close aide Sam Pitroda reveals the real reason of Priyanka Gandhi backing out of Varanasi, Here’s what he said?

Yesterday Congress announced Ajay Rai as their candidate from Varanasi to fight against PM Narendra Modi. As it was expected so it happened Congress didn’t fielded Priyanka Gandhi. After the announcement of Congress everyone is pointing that what happened to Congress Party. Why didn’t they fielded Priyanka Gandhi and why hurriedly they announced the candidate from the Congress Paarty on the same day when PM Modi was conducting a mega road show at the place

Union Minister for Railways Piyush Goyal, when asked about why Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had not contested from Varanasi, said that Congress had hurriedly announced its candidate for the seat after seeing the crowds thronging for PM Modi’s roadshow since 10 AM and after the Ganga Aarti at Dashashwamedha Ghat.

“I am surprised as to why there was an urgency to announce a name today in the morning, as the roadshow was only at 5 PM. Probably seeing that by 10 AM, entire Banaras had crowded the roads, and seeing their enthusiasm, Congress could have felt that if they announced that Priyanka will not contest, post the roadshow, it would be read differently by the people. Maybe this is why they announced the news hurriedly.”

The news was also doing the rounds that it is the decision of Congress President Rahul Gandhi that Priyanka Gandhi will not contest from Varanasi. But Rahul gandhi’s close aide Sam Pitroda cleared the air and revealed the real reason behind the move

When Sam Pitroda was questioned by Republic World that why Priyanka Gandhi backed away from a fight in Varanasi against PM Narendra Modi for the Lok Sabha election. Is it after witnessing huge turnout for his mega-roadshow on Thursday or Congress President Rahul Gandhi have not trusted her about fighting in Varanasi against the Prime Minister.

He said it was Priyanka Gandhi who had chosen to not contest in Varanasi and the Congress president had nothing to do with it. He has left the decision of the matter on her. He added that it was not true that Rahul Gandhi did not have faith in her to take on PM Modi.

“Not true. Party president gave her the final decision. It is Priyanka ji’s decision. She herself thought that there is a lot of responsibility. She thought that rather than concentrating on one seat, she should focus on the job she has at hand. So that decision was finally hers and she decided it,” he said.

However, what reason Congress might give the party is sure that it is not going to win against PM Modi. The reality is as Congress President Rahul Gandhi ran from Amethi due to fear of Smriti Irani now his sister who was earlier boasting and was in the news for contesting against PM Modi ran away from Varanasi



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