Rahul Gandhi’s Congress insults Indian Army once again!!! Says, Indian Army cannot teach Pakistan a lesson

Instead of appreciating the bravery of the Indian Army after conducting the first surgical strike, the Congress-led opposition insulted the Indian Army by asking for the proof but the tolerant Indians forgave the Congress party.

Months rolled on, the leadership of the Congress was passed on to the shoulders of Rahul Gandhi. But the new Congress president a.k.a youth icon sang the same tune of insulting the Indian Army. In a fresh war of words, the Congress party said that India Army will never be able to control the rogue nation Pakistan.

  • “PM Modi’s incompetence continues to show. After allowing the situation in Kashmir to spiral out of control. Modi Govt shows that it is incapable of containing Pakistan”.

Yes, this was the statement made by the Congress party today, January 23rd. At one end, India has cornered the Pakistan with its diplomacy and at another end, Indian Army is entering into Pakistani territory and killing the Pakistani soldiers and terrorists, every day. Yet, the Congress is saying that PM Modi and the Indian Army is incapable of handling Pakistan.

Let me remind Rahul Gandhi that the Kashmir was put at risk by his great-grandfather Mr Jawaharlal Nehru. But under the Modi government, the terrorists in Kashmir, who are enjoying like guests, were searched and hunted down.

When the “Operation All Out” which aimed at killing around 250 terrorists in the valley was in the full swing, the Congress leader P Chidambaram said that Kashmir demands Independence. What is Rahul Gandhi really planning to do? Gift Kashmir to Pakistan?

Mr Rahul Gandhi, Indian Army has killed 138 Pakistani Army personnel in the year 2017!

  • The Indian Army killed 138 Pakistan Army personnel in 2017 in tactical operations and retaliatory cross-border firings along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The Pakistan Army has suffered 138 fatal and 155 non-fatal casualties in tactical operations and retaliatory cross-border firings along the LoC in 2017.

Even in the last week of December, the India Army soldiers crossed the LoC and killed nearly 10 Pakistani soldiers and destroyed several Pakistani posts. This was called as the “Second Surgical Strike” by the Indian Army.

Why is the Congress party acting like India’s enemy!

  • At least on security matters, be sensible. You are in opposition, don’t act like India’s enemy.

Allow PM Modi to function properly!

  • At least now, we have some self-respect after BJP came to power. During the Congress tenure, India had lost its charm. Congress had ruined India with series of corruption in the past 70 years.

Rahul Gandhi, please blame your own family for the Kashmir issue!

  • “Kashmir problem would never have been there, had Nehru accepted Kashmir Maharaja intention to join India. Instead, Nehru made matter worse by taking it to the UN. Even if Nehru had heard Sardar Patel, many of India’s problem like Kashmir, China etc would not have been there”.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, this is how the Indian Army conducted its first “Surgical Strike”!

  • “What really happened behind the scenes as Indian Army strike teams crossed the Line of Control to destroy terrorist launchpads? Who planned the Op? How did they execute it?”

The 47-year-old youth icon said that the Indian Army and PM Modi are unable to counter the Pakistani rogues, but here are the facts. Hope Rahul Gandhi doesn’t call it as fake figures!

The list of top commanders killed in South Kashmir goes as follows:

Sabzar Ahmed Bhat – HM Commander killed by security forces in Tral on 27 May

Junaid Mattoo – Lashkar-e-Taiba commander killed in Arwani village in Anantnag on June 16

Bashir Lashkari – He was the mastermind behind the gruesome killing of six Jammu and Kashmir policemen including SHO Firoz Ahmed Dar in June. There was a bounty of Rs 10 lakh on his head and he was killed on 1st July

Abu Dujana – A former Lashkar terrorist who exited to join hands with Zakir Musa led Gazwat Ul Hind was killed in Anantnag on 1st August

Yasin Yattu – alias Mehmood Gaznavi was killed with two other associates in Awneera village in Shopian district

Yawar Bashir Wani – District commander Anantnag and Kulgam was killed in Kulgam district on 4th December

Fukran – Pakistani Lashkar terrorist, replacement of Abu Ismail in South Kashmir was killed alongside Yawar in Quazigund.

Top Terror operatives killed in North Kashmir:

Abu Haris – the Lashkar-e-Toiba militant was killed in north Kashmir’s Hajin area of Bondipora that resulted in heavy casualty in which three soldiers were also killed. Chetan Cheetah brave CRPF Commandant also received 9 bullet injuries in the encounter.

Khalid – On 9th October, this top Jaish terrorist was gunned down by security forces in Baramulla.

• Mahmood Bhai Lashkar – He was killed on 18th November in Bandipora.

Muzamil – Top LET divisional commander who was killed on 30th November in Baramulla.
At least three of the most crucial terrorists were killed in North Kashmir in the last quarter of the year.

Sajad Ahmed Gilkar – He played a key role in the murder of DSP Muhammad Ayub Pandith and was killed in July this year.

Abu Ismail – The top Lashkar Commander and mastermind of Amarnath Yatra attack was killed on 14th September at Srinagar in Central Kashmir.

Hansika Raj