Rahul Gandhi’s nick name is getting viral on the internet!!! What is hilarious is that the name is censored, do you know why?

Has the Congress party accepted that Rahul Gandhi is called as a “Pappu”? The recent development indicates that the Congress party has considered Rahul Gandhi as a “Pappu”. This is the hot debate taking place in India because of a letter which was sent by the Election Commission to the BJP.

State Election Commission (EC) wrote letter to the BJP in Gujarat to withdraw the name “Pappu” from their advertisement campaign. EC said that the word is derogatory in nature and the EC cited television network rules to block the advertisement. This move has not just sparked controversy but has been even bashed by the people across India.

By trying to put a break on the advertisement, people are forced to believe that Rahul Gandhi is the only “Pappu” in India.

The below tweet is a “million dollar tweet” because Rahul Gandhi had once said that “Free speech is our right. We will fight any attempt to crush dissent and debate”. But now his own party is not fine with the usage of the word “Pappu”. Isn’t this a move to crush “free speech”?

“Pappu is not a failure. Pappu is our leader. Pappu pass Hoga. Before, Pappu was a failure but today Pappu has passed”. These are the words of Congress party workers. Yes, you heard it right and if you don’t believe then watch the below video.

This video is of 1:15 minutes but the Congress worker mentions the word “Pappu” 10 times.

This twitterati has a valid point. He asks, EC opposed BJP poll campaign TV ads that use the word Pappu but What about Congress workers who call Rahul “Pappu”. So what will the Election Commission do if Rahul Gandhi’s partymen call him a “Pappu”?

Even Google shows that Rahul Gandhi is a “Pappu”. Will the Election Commission take action against it?

Rahul Gandhi said that he will prepare a machine in which he will stiff aloo (Potato) from one side and in return “gold” will be extracted from another side. This is the reason why Subramanian Swamy calls him a “Buddhu”.

“If EC didn’t find Sonia’s ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ remark derogatory, why did they object to BJP’s Pappu Ad?” Yes, Sonia Gandhi can say whatever she wants against PM Modi but the elections commission has been partial this time.

BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra questioned the Election Commission and said “The EC has made this word Pappu official and made it synonymous with Rahul Gandhi”.

“Election Commission should explain as to why it is considering Pappu as derogatory. I don’t know why the EC is linking the word Pappu to Rahul Gandhi”. This was the questioned posed by BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli.

Ananya Sharma