Rahul Gandhi’s party printing fake voters ID? Youth Congress leader arrested for printing fake voters ID cards, BJP allege Congress MP candidate behind this racket

Even though the first phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections has begun, the Congress party and several of its allies were pressurizing the Election Commission to bring back the ballot paper voting. But the Indians were confused of why the grand alliance is insisting to remove the EVMs even after it was proved that it cannot be hacked.

Now in what is called as a shocking and a serious threat to democracy, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has exposed a racket run by Congress leader and his supporters in Karnataka that manufactures fake voters IDs. After looking at this exposure, it is suspected that the Congress party is running similar racket in various parts of the nation to prevent a humiliating defeat at the hands of BJP.

Currently this racket is exposed in Karnataka’s capital where the Bengaluru central candidate Arshad Rizwan was allegedly printing fake voters ID cards to defeat the BJP candidate. This allegation was made by BJP after the Youth Congress National Secretary Ibrahim Khaleelulla was arrested for printing fake voters ID cards. Hinting that a big nexus is behind this, BJP stated “18 people involved in printing fake Voter ID cards have been arrested”.

BJP revealed that Youth Congress National Secretary Ibrahim Khaleelulla was operating from Prabhat Complex 3rd floor Roon No 507. But this gang was caught red handed by BJP corporate and Karyakarthas. Escalating the issue, BJP stated “Congress party should be disqualified from contesting elections. They have challenged the very existence of democratic values in the country. Will Rahul Gandhi come out in open and explain the nexus between his party and the anti constitutional activities of his party members”.

Lashing out at the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and demanding the ban of Congress candidate Arshad Rizwan “Election Commission should ban Arshad Rizwan from contesting elections until the investigation is completed The Congress today stays exposed before the country. They have waged war on the democracy of this nation. Rahul Gandhi, do you have any shame left? Speak out!”.