Rahul’s Rafale Blunders! Here’s what Anil Ambani said to Rahul Gandhi in a letter on Rafale Deal

After French Government blow to Congress President Rahul Gandhi on his baseless allegation against the Rafale deal accusing the Modi government of hiding the details now the letter has been accessed, written by the Billionaire Anil Ambani slamming the Congress President for making false allegations against the Reliance Group over the Rafale deal.

The Congress President has alleged that the Reliance Group was not having enough experience to get the Rafale fighter jet deal and said it has bagged contract due to favoritism from PM Modi Government but the top business tycoon has refuted the allegations and said he is deeply hurt by the Gandhi scion comments.

In a two page letter written to Congress President last year, the business tycoon has explained to Rahul Gandhi, how & why his Reliance Group has bagged the project. He replied to Congress President “Not only do we have the necessary experience but we are also the leaders in several important areas of defense manufacture, his company Reliance Defense is the one which have the largest shipyard in the private sector at Pipavav in Gujarat and is also currently building five Naval Offshore Patrol Vessels (NOPVs) for the Indian Navy and 14 Fast Patrol Vessels for the Indian Coast Guard.

Mr Ambani further made Congress President clear about the roles and said that Government has no role to play in the deal. “Dassault choose Reliance Group as its joint venture partner to meet the ‘offset’ or export obligation component of the deal and this was “an independent agreement between two corporate private sector entities, and Governments had no role to play in this matter,” he wrote.

The tycoon further cleared that his group’s joint venture with Dassault was to make components and systems primarily for the aerospace and defence sectors and also in the interest of nation by creating several jobs.

“This joint venture with Dassault Aviation will lead to creation of thousands of jobs in India, imparting of valuable training and skill-sets to Indian engineers in aerospace/ defence manufacturing sector, and will also provide large scale business opportunities to hundreds of MSMEs, SMEs and start-ups in the country, and will further enhance our experience and skills,” he wrote. Also, Dassault would significantly contribute to high technology transfer and enhance overall defence manufacturing experience.

On the attack of Congress chief over lack of experience he wrote “His father Dhirubhai built the world’s largest integrated petrochemicals and refinery complex in India without even having a formal education, much less any experience or legacy. “In his words, ‘you have to be given an opportunity to perform. It’s not experience but the mindset, dedication, and the purpose, of a strong India that should engage us all’,”

Mr. Ambani also made it clear that his company has no role in the deal cracked by the Government of India. “The decision of the Government of India to purchase 36 Rafale fighter jets from France was made through an inter-governmental agreement signed between the two countries, Also, all these 36 aircraft are being manufactured in France and will be delivered on a ‘fly away’ basis from Dassault manufacturing facilities in France to the Indian Air Force and no Indian company has any role to play,” he said.

The business tycoon expressed that statements by Congress leaders and President have saddened him deeply despite of his family having a good relationship with the “Gandhi Family” since long  “Nonetheless, considering that my entire family and I, starting with my respected father, have had the privilege of enjoying a very respectful relationship with the Gandhi family over generations as well as the Congress party for the past more than four decades, these statements have saddened and hurt our sentiments,” he said. Mr Ambani hoped that the facts he has brought out would be “helpful” to  Congress President  Rahul Gandhi.

Source: TimesOfIndia


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