Rajasthan CM and senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot speaks the truth! Says “Don’t be surprised if NDA comes to power” in 2019

Though you wish to say it or not, at times you speak out the fact that runs around your mind all day. At times your company of humans or the environment that surrounds you may stop you from speaking out the truth but there moments it just comes with the flow. A similar experience has been with the Congress and its members, after what one of its members declared in open.

The Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot of Congress sees no future for his party and has openly declared that they are gonna lose this time! In a shocking video tweeted by BJP’s In-charge national Information & Technology Amit Malviya, the Rajasthan CM is heard declaring the end of UPA government in the Lok Sabha elections.

The newly appointed Rajasthan chief minister was speaking to local media. While giving a response to a question, he said, “UPA government ka anth toh nishcit he (The end of UPA government is certain).

In the next elections, there will be a lot of support for the Congress government and the end of UPA government is certain”,” he said. After which Sachin Pilot speaks into his ear and corrects him saying “NDA”!

After a while maybe when he realized he should speak the truth about the reality happening around and his next statement gained him the maximum attention as well as appluase for his honesty. In a quick move he revised back his statement and said, “The NDA government’s end is certain,” only to say, “Don’t be surprised if the NDA government comes to power.”

This embarrassment for Congress has seen a series with its leaders. Not just the CM alone, earlier his lawmaker also was in the news for embarrassing the UPA government. Congress party MLA from Rajasthan Vishvendra Singh has grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In a recently surfaced video of the MLA from Rajasthan’s Deeg-Kumher Constituency, Singh can be heard hurling abusive remarks against the S.P(Superintendent of police) of Bharatpur.

Source: Republic World