Bundi Town Of Rajasthan Is Home To Some Gorgeous Examples Of Rajput Architecture And One Among Them Is The Taragarh Fort!

Bundi was one of the Rajput kingdoms of Rajasthan which existed in the early modern period in India, located in the north-west of the country. It was centred on the city of Bundi. The Rajputs were Hindu warrior clans, and the word ‘rajput’ itself literally means ‘the son of the king’, with the people being known for their valour. Bundi was ruled by the Hada Chauhan royal dynasty which derived its name from a Meena king named Bunda Meena. The kingdom was later taken from the Meenas by Rao Deva Hara in 1342.

In early times, the city of Bundi and its surrounding areas was inhabited by some local tribes. Among the various tribes and clans, the Meenas were the most powerful and dominant. The city of Bundi is also believed to derive its name from the name of one of the prominent Meena chieftains, Bunda Meena.

The Hada Rajputs are also an integral part of the history of this Rajasthan city. The Hadoti region, which is the main base of Bundi, derived its name from the Hada Rajputs. The Hada Rajputs are actually a branch of the Chauhan clan. They dominated the city from the 12th century and continued doing so for a long period of time.

Bundi is a city which is home to many ancient monuments that is counted with striking medieval forts, palaces, havelis, step wells which are considered as the major attraction of this city that is rooted with the history of Bundi rulers and also the temples which are very famous for their elaborate sculptures and murals.

Taragarh fort in Bundi

Taragarh Fort is gigantic architecture nestled in Bundi district. Also known as Star Fort, it was constructed in the 16th century. Inside the ramparts are huge reservoirs carved out of solid rock, and the Bhim Burj on which famous cannon is constructed. Built at an elevation of 1,426-foot, it houses a highly regarded painting gallery from where the Bundi style of mural painting was originated.

This massive fort in Bundi was built by Rao Singh Bar in the 13th century. Built in 1354 AD, the Taragarh Fort is one of the most impressive forts in Rajasthan. Perched on a highly wooded hill is a wonderful fort with huge water tanks that once delivered water to the palace. This large water tanks in the fort provided the palace the water especially during the time of wars. Taragarh Fort of Bundi still contains three water tanks, dug into the rock and designed to withstand long periods of sieges. This massive fort is also known as the Star Fort. The Taragarh Fort houses a giant cannon called Garbh Gunjam.

The features of the fort are the Chhatra Mahal, Badal Mahal and Ratan Daulat – Diwan-I-Aam, built by Raja Rao Ratan Singh. The Chhatra Mahal was founded by Raja Chhatrasal. A steep, paved carriage-way is the only way to reach the monuments. Of special interest in the palace are the Pol Hazari or Thousand Gate, the Naubat Khana, the Hathi Pol with its ancient water clock, the Diwaan-e-Aam Hall and Throne. Famous Kalam miniatures of Bundi can be found here. The Zenana Mahal and the Badal Mahal also has an excellent collection of miniatures.This majestic fort stands proudly on the top of a hill.

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