Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife must be arrested immediately for comparing Mahatma Gandhi with the man who killed lakhs of people!

Rajdeep Sardesai has a peculiar skill of playing up with controversies. It is still not clear whether controversy loiters around him or he himself go to embrace controversy. After a failed attempt to malign Hindus and Modi government, Rajdeep Sardesai carried out a heinous act of comparing Mahatma Gandhi with the man who had killed lakhs and lakhs of people.

Yes, he made a statement where he insulted Mahatma Gandhi by comparing with the killer Lenin. As expected, Rajdeep was successful in gaining his wife’s support. Rajdeep Sardesai had said, After Lenin, Periyar statue now desecrated in TN. Will Mahatma be next? Shameful..

This statement was absolutely shocking because Lenin was described by his own country mate as unscrupulous mischief-making, manipulation, backstabbing, wriggling and rather crude con artistry. Periyar was the same man who demanded a separate nation, he was the man who had even burnt down pictures of lord Ram.

But Rajdeep Sardesai took pride in comparing these individuals with Mahatma Gandhi. The angry Indians ripped apart the hypocrisy of this man.

When temples were destroyed one after another, this man was super cool!

  • Where were you when Mamta Banerjee government demolished a 500 year old Lord Shiva temple in Madinapore in the name of development?

A Twitterati called the comparison between Gandhi and Lenin is perfect!

  • It’s good that you’re comparing Mahatma Gandhi to murderer Lenin. One killed many people and one kept silence on lakhs of Indians due to division of country.

So Mr Rajdeep is demanding for a separate nation?

  • Mr Rajdeep, Periyar wanted India broken to pieces. Mahatma dint even want Pakistan to go away. Periyar despised Mahatma since the later advocated for united motherland. Shame on you to have compared both of them. Desecrating Periyar statue is a welcome move.

Can Rajdeep state the similarities between Lenin and Mahatma Gandhi?

  • Comparing the cruel, mass murderer Lenin with Mahatma Gandhi is bit too much,u can object to the way it was manhandled but Mahatma Gandhi!

People like Rajdeep Sardesai didn’t open their mouth when few of the goons vandalized the national pride “Amar Jawan” memorial in Mumbai, but when a foreigner’s statue is vandalized, these lose their calm. Even actor turned politician Kamal Haasan decided to politicize the issue by saying “There is no need to deploy police for protection of Periyar statue. We Tamilians will protect it. I feel that this issue is just to divert attention from Cauvery issue (formation of Cauvery management board)”.

Did Mr Kamal Haasan ever open his mouth when Hindus were converted in Tamil Nadu? Did he ever speak on the injustice done to Hindus in Tamil Nadu?

Congress leader exposes the hypocrisy of his own party!

I condemn vandalism against Periyar statue but let us honestly ask did our Lutyen’s zone gang show half the outrage when Swami Vivekanand’s statue was desecrated like they did for Lenin? Was that not Statue Intolerance? Why so selective? This was a valid question posed by Shehzad Poonawalla.

What is a need for Periyar statue when he himself hated Idol worship?

  • Vandalism is not done but why have a Periyar statue in the first place when Periyar like most other Hindu-haters was against idol-worship? He had deep contempt against the faith followed by the majority of Indians and wanted TN to secede from India. He was the Geelani of south.

Hansika Raj


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