Rajdeep Sardesai ate beef and mocked Hindus in a pathetic way!!! Do you know how the Indians bashed him?

This journalist was bashed by PM Modi several times for asking nonsense questions. This journalist was bashed by ex-President Pranab Mukherjee for not knowing how to respect an ex-President.

Yes, he is none other than Rajdeep Sardesai from India Today. This time he has made yet another attempt to target the Hindus of India.

A person named Sasidharan Pazhoor congratulated Rajdeep Sardesai for declaring openly that he ate beef steak.

Soon after this, Rajdeep Sardesai responded saying ‘Guess I remain an anti-national’.


Rajdeep had made the tweet with only one intention and that is to provoke Hindus. After getting provoked, he wanted Hindu organizations to target him and that’s where he’ll get a chance to call Hindus as intolerant. But his move totally backfired. Read how the Twitterati ripped every layer of his hypocrisy on the internet.

Rajdeep Sardesai, you are a hypocrite!!!

“You are not anti-national for eating beef. You are a hypocrite for saying in such a way to make fun of the Hindu sentiments against beef. The sickening personality of deliberately needling with others feelings just to play for the anti-national lobby is disgusting. Shame on you Mr Rajdeep. Don’t think yourself a hero. The only reason people follow you us because of your lucky privilege of being a known journalist that’s all. And stop smirking as there is nothing to be proud of”.

Rajdeep said he ate beef in Kolkata, but with the fear of Mamata Banerjee, do you know what he did?

“But Rajdeep did not have guts to ask other questions on dengue deaths, communal violence under Didi rule and why investors were running away from Waste Bengal?”. Yes, Mamata Banerjee had even suspended a doctor for disclosing how pathetic the dengue was in West Bengal. But Rajdeep didn’t have guts to question her.

Will he say that he ate pork in Kerala or Kashmir? No!!!!

He won’t say that because only Hindus can be hurt day and night as they are tolerant.

Did you eat beef? So what? Congress had eaten up India!!!


Mr Rajdeep, you are an attention seeker!!!

Rajdeep Sardesai doesn’t want to go out of business and that’s why he try all kind if tactics to remain in controversy. The method used by him is to target Hinduism and India.

Questions for Rajdeep Sardesai!!!

  • Mr Rajdeep, will you dare to eat pork and mock some other religion?
  • Mr Rajdeep, you ate beef and hope it filled your stomach. Now why do you want to mock Hindus?

    Hansika Raj