Rajdeep Sardesai makes back to back statements supporting BJP and the RSS, but gets ripped apart, not by BJP but by the Congress supporters

Even if BJP has no links with any crime that takes place in any corner of the nation, Rajdeep Sardesai has had a history in linking it to the BJP. But this time to everyone’s surprise he backed the views of BJP and RSS, not once but almost half a dozen of times in a matter of few hours.

Yesterday, May 29th, it was the 135th birth anniversary of the freedom fighter Veer Savarkar and surprisingly, Rajdeep Sardesai said “135th birth anniversary of Savarkar: freedom fighter, patriot, writer, Hindutva nationalist.. divisive but heroic.. Do pay a visit to his cell in Port Blair to realise how our freedom fighters were tortured”.

Yes, Rajdeep Sardesai called Veer Savarkar as heroic but this was not tolerated by many including the hate factory owner Asaduddin Owaisi. He said “Do read the Kapoor Commission report which found Savarkar complicit (aiding & abetting) in murder of MK Gandhi”.

So Owaisi made an attempt to project that Veer Savarkar was behind the conspiracy of assassinating Mahatma Gandhiji.

Rajdeep Sardesai responded to Owaisi saying “Rajdeep said “Savarkar’a alleged role in the Mahatma murder conspiracy is why I believe his portrait should never have been in parliament gallery (directly opposite to Bapu) but to completely deny Savarkar’s revolutionary zeal in his early years is to be unfair to the man’s life”.

Owaisi didn’t stop there as he went on to say “Sir you cannot say “alleged “role was proven by Kapoor commission which was formed under Inquiries Commission Act, he said Muslims are not part of India because it is not a Holy Land /Father Land for them, 2 Nation theory founder, recognised Tiranga after many years list is long”.

Finally Rajdeep Sardesai accepted the defeat! Can’t back right wingers with the fear of getting trolled?

Later on Rajdeep Sardesai accepted the defeat and said that he is unable to face the third rated cheap words used against him just for supporting the right wing heroes. He issued a statement saying “Sorry folks: just realised that on twitter you have to project people only as black and white post card images. Say a single nice word about Savarkar and risk being called a chaddiwallah, bigot, ‘sell-out’ and much more.. learnt lesson, will be more careful next time!?”.

Sardesai even shred a tear on his twitter timeline. But the RSS haters didn’t stop there as they continued with their Chaddi remark by saying “Straddling the fence, eh? Keeping one leg in the chaddi and one out of it, eh? #Savarkar was a traitor. He supported the British Colonisers”.

After calling Veer Savarkar as a hero, Rajdeep backs the EVMs!

The Congress leaders can’t blame on Rahul Gandhi for their back to back defeats. That’s why they always raise suspicions on the EVMs. But Rajdeep Sardesai backed the EVMs and said,

  • To those who have a problem with EVMs, do we really want to go back to the days of the ballot paper when booths were captured and voting papers were stuffed? Surely a nationwide VVPAT verification trail to EVMs is better than going back in time, no?
  • And to add, please ensure glitch free VVPAT machines that local officials are trained to use and which don’t ‘melt’ in heat! If we can make world class satellites, why are error free VVPATs an issue?

Below are few of the abuses faced by Rajdeep Sardesai for supporting Veer Savarkar!

Hansika Raj