Rajdeep Sardesai & Sagarika Ghose send the same tweet in defence of Pappu, Twitter rips them apart

When the world has already given up on Rahul Gandhi, 2 ‘renowned journalists’ still show faith in him. Loyalty is a rare human trait & these 2 journalists have it in abundance. Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose (reportedly Husband and wife) have taken to Twitter to express their support towards Raga. Rahul Gandhi must be happy that the news brokers from the disastrous UPA era haven’t switched their loyalties.

It all started when Rahul Gandhi announced his next photo-op visit in Madhya Pradesh. Rahul was detained before he could enter Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh. Violent farmer protests have escalated in the region over the death of five in police firing. The Congress vice-president’s car was stopped after which Raga was seen jumping on to a bike.

Gandhi was also seen having a heated argument with the police after his vehicle was stopped for a second time. The 46-year old youth leader tweeted about his ‘trip’, targeting the BJP Government in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The farmers in Mandsaur have been protesting for over a week departing better prices for their crops and the waiving of the farmer loans.

Rajdeep & Sagarika, capitalizing on the situation used their social media skills to send out the same tweet in a slightly different way. But Twitter is faster than fast. People were soon slamming them for their pro-Congress Agenda. Both the journalists made comments about PM Modi visiting the 26/11 op.


Check how twitter reacted to the news-brokers

Alok Shetty