Rajdeep Sardesai’s son will lose his medical seat for getting admission by saying that his parents were NRIs?

The lawyer who gained popularity after succeeding in disqualifying the 20 AAP MLAs for holding “office of profit’ has launched an all out war against journalist Rajdeep Sardesai after Mr Sardesai filed a complaint on Mr Prashant stating “I wish to bring to your notice a tweet put by one Mr Prashant P Umaro in which he has quoted me saying ‘Ek Hazaar Hinduon Ka Katl KAro”, a totally false statement which can be only used to incite violence. The tweet was shown to me this morning by a friend. The tweet comes from a verified account of Mr Prashant P Umrao and is clearly designed to create mischief.

He also added “I am a public figure who anchors a prime time shown on India Today Tv and such a false tweet opens me and my family to harm and can only incite communities”. But what followed after this had shocked everyone because Mr Prashant made serious allegations that Mr Sardesai resorted to a scam to secure a medical seat to his son.

On May, 2017, Sagarika Ghose, wife of Rajdeep Sardesai said that “Delighted that son Ishan got a very good rank and score in the KMC Manipal MBBS entrance test!”

But Lawyer Prashant Patel Umrao made an allegation that Dear Rajdeep Sardesai, is it true that your son Ishan got admission at MBBS in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University in 2013 on NRI quota without having merit after paying Rs 1 crore by violating rules?”

Did Rajdeep Sardesai made a campaign on Medical seat scam just to ensure a seat for his son?

“From 4 April 2013 Rajdeep ran Medical seat scam campaign on CNN IBN & on 24 May 2013 his son Ishan got MBBS seat. Real face of Supari Journalist”, alleged Prashant. Previously, Rajdeep was associated with CNN IBN and the news campaign was made on April 2013, said lawyer Prashant by attaching a picture of that campaign.

Radeep Sardesai’s son will lose his medical seat?

“Based on the investigation of Advocate Prashant P Umrao, an RTI appeal has been filed with the govt to reveal whether Rajdeep Sardesai’s son was admitted to a medical college through NRI quota. If found true, his admission might be cancelled because none of his parents are NRIs”, said a Twitterati.


Here is the RTI copy!


Lawyer Prashant also made an allegation saying “Sardesai had denied to report killing of 21 Hindus during Assam Riots in 2012, saying if more than 1000 are killed then he will report”. After this tweet, Rajdeep Sardesai filed a complaint against Mr Prashant P Umrao.

Last year a complaint was filed against Rajdeep Sardesai for inviting alleged urban naxal on a TV Show. Lawyer Prashant threw light on how a complaint was lodged on Sardesai by tweeting “Complaint against Rajdeep Sardesai for spreading rumors, lies & unprofessional journalism by Pune based social worker Tushar Juvekar for his repeated lies & attempt to spread communal hatred aimed at inciting people for violence”.

What was Rajeedp Sardesai’s next move?

When the war got intensified, Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted “You folks really want me to answer the lies the hate brigade puts out every day? When you can’t abuse me, target my son with utter lies? You guys are beyond shame! Sadly, twitter India allows such shit to be put out in public domain”.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on the information provided by lawyer Prashant Patel. Postcard News is not responsible in anyway, if the information provided by lawyer Prashant Patel is false)

Hansika Raj