Rajdeep tries to mock Narendra Modi’s praise for Muttiah Muralitharan, check what Tweeples adviced him!

Rajdeep Sardeasai’s cheap tactics to gain attention has no limits, he will never mind to stoop to new lows every time. His only trick is to provoke people and then play victim when he gets thrashed.

This is not the first time he has provoked people just to gain attention. Couple days back when PM Modi visited Sri Lanka he addressed the Indian origin Sri Lankans where he praised Sri Lanka for gifting one of the world’s best spinners Muttiah Muralitharan. Muralitharan, also replied back to PM thanking him for his good words and praised PM for bringing many developmental policies in India.

But of course Rajdeep Sardesai had to create a controversy by making silly and cheap comments dragging Bishan Bedi’s name with Muralitharan.

After he put the tweet, he received bashings from Muralitharan and Modi fans. They have blasted him for playing cheap gimmicks and also advised him to spend more time working rather than speaking nonsense on Twitter.

Take a look!

Rajdeep should learn some decency at first place. While already his channel has lost viewers and TRP because of his fake news, his continuous nonsense tweet will only make him look desperate for attention. These people who have lost the plot since 3 years have no credibility left in them. So they want to retain some popularity by speaking nonsense to praise their masters in few political parties!

Aishwarya S