How Rajnath Singh exposed Pak on its own soil !!

Rajnath Jolts Pakistan in Their Own Turf NO BILATERAL TALKS, NO LUNCH, NO HANDSHAKE. 
Home Minister Rajnath Singh on 4th August attended the 7th International SAARC Summit held in Pakistan. In his 20 hour visit to Pakistan, Rajnath not only gave a stern warning to Pakistan but also made them run for cover.
While addressing the interior minister”™s conference, Mr. Singh without mincing words pointed out “Those countries supporting terrorism and terrorists must be isolated and at no circumstance should a terrorist be glorified”. He said “no country”™s terrorist can be a martyr for another country”. Rajnath in the presence of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif racked up the terror attack in Pathankot, Dhaka and Kabul. His harsh and striking words came as a jolt to Pakistan who blacked out his speech midway to avoid further embarrassment. The Indian media was not allowed to cover the speech of the Mr. Rajnath Singh.
It has never so happened in the history, that a host country censored a SAARC summit address of a state representative. This incident has shamed Pakistan on a global platform. As a befitting reply, Rajnath Singh showed no sign of friendly gesture, not even a hand shake was exchanged when he came face to face with his Pakistani counterpart Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. The Home Minister skipped the lunch hosted by Pakistan as a sign of protest and ignoring the fake hospitality of a terror sponsoring nation.
Many critiques complaint about Modi Pakistan policy, but what they have failed to notice is how India without noise has isolated Pakistan in the global world!

Aishwarya S


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