Mughal King Akbar begged a Rajput woman to spare his life; Story of Rajput woman Kiran Devi who single handedly defeated Akbar

Enemies would tremble with fear when they hear the name of “Maharana Pratap” of Mewar. Maharana Pratap is a symbol of Rajput valor, gallantry and diligence. Kiran Devi was the daughter of Maharana Pratap’s brother, Shakti Simha. She had married Prithviraj of Bikaner.

Prithviraj was having a happy life with Kiran Devi in Delhi. But Kiran Devi was noticed by the pervert eyes of King Akbar.

Akbar wanted to somehow grab her in his arms. But it wasn’t easy because he had to deal with Prithviraj’s Army. Akbar thought he can defeat Prithviraj but not a fierce warrior like Maharana Pratap. Akbar knew that there was not even a single man in his dynasty who can face Maharana Pratap.

So to fulfil his pervert desires, he chose a cunning method. Akbar was annually organising a “Nouroz Mela” at Meena Bazaar. As only women were allowed for this event, Rajput woman too took part in this event actively to purchase ornaments and expensive items. Kiran Devi was also attracted by this, so she decided to pay a visit for this event.

No one knew that even Akbar also attend this event every year but in ladies dress. Our history textbooks call him “Akbar the great”. But hold on readers, we will reveal the greatness of this king. There he had built a web to systematically trap the Hindu woman who attracted him the most. And this time Kiran Devi came under his radar. Akbar’s loyalists work was to systematically trap her and get into the room assigned by Akbar.

None of the women who attended “Nouroz Mela” knew this. That’s why Akbar is called “The Great”.

As soon as Akbar saw Rajput woman Kiran Devi, he ordered his secret service to get her to him.

So, they somehow disguised her and brought her towards Akbar. Akbar didn’t know the intensity of mistake he was doing. He didn’t know that he was going to mess up with fire. He didn’t know the history of Rajput woman; how Rani Padmini had thrown herself along with her companions into fire to protect their honour from Islamic barbarians. As soon as Akbar tried to touch Kiran Devi, she pulled out her dragger and within a fraction of time, Akbar was on the ground and the dragger was held on his neck. Kiran Devi always held a dragger with her. Akbar the great was defeated by a Rajput woman so easily. Akbar till then had raped, killed and humiliated so many women but he never thought he will face this kind of humiliation.

Akbar began pleading for his life and we know that our culture taught us to forgive a person who asks for mercy. Kiran Devi spared his life only after Akbar begged that he won’t organise “Nouroz Mela” anymore.

Let this chapter be included in the textbooks with the view to encourage women. This is a perfect example to foster the idea of “woman empowerment”. Let this be a motivation to all the women who face harassments from the street womanisers.

Akbar learnt a lesson on how to treat a woman from Kiran Devi.

Jai Kiran Devi!!!

Credits: Umesh Achar

Vikrant Raj**